Wendy Davis to run for governor

It appears Wendy Davis will take a shot at governor and I volunteered on her website for that campaign. Since the government is shut down, probably for the month, and half my miserably tiny contract writing work in new space and space policy is on hold for now and possibly forever, why not?

WaPo — Fourteen weeks and two days after Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis catapulted onto the national radar after a protracted fight against abortion restrictions, the Democrat announced her campaign for governor Thursday, emphasizing her commitment to education and job creation.

“We’re here because we want every child, no matter where they start in Texas, to receive a world-class education — an education that can take them anywhere they want to go, so that success and opportunity is within reach of every single Texan and no one in this great state is ever forced to dream smaller instead of bigger,” Davis said, speaking at the same venue in the Fort Worth suburb of Haltom City where she received her high school diploma decades ago.

Davis, 50, rose to national prominence in June with a filibuster against sweeping new abortion restrictions that spanned about 13 hours. The restrictions eventually passed and were signed into law, but the filibuster garnered Davis widespread attention on social media, and abortion rights advocates from across the country rallied to support her.

She’s got the brains, she’s got the looks, she’s raising money. But this is Texas, to win here Davis is going to need a little luck, too.


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    Alas, she will need a whole lot more than a little luck. She’ll carry San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Maybe Ft Worth. Some of the south Texas coast. But the rest of the state, and north and east Texas heavily, will vote for the candidate most closely aligned with Nathan Forrest.

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