The mendacity of Rep. Randy Neugebauer

Yeap, that’s Texas Republican congressman Randy Neugebauer berating a park ranger for enforcing the government shutdown he and his Teaparty pals ran on and created. Complete with flag and lapel pin identifying him as a patriot. You see how quickly he bravely ran away when his scam was exposed by another patron of the memorial.


  1. tubi says

    I saw this last night on Maddow. What a shit stain this guy is. I’m not even sure how to express my disgust.

  2. says

    I’m curious: what authority does a park ranger have in enforcing the closure? Could she have pulled a firearm and told him, in no uncertain terms, that the park was closed by order of the Federal Government and that he was to leave immediately or else?

    FSM knows, these privileged, ignorant Republican ass-wipes deserve such treatment.

  3. Attila says

    You could try calling although:
    DC office voice mail full
    Abilene office gets errors likely full
    Big Springs Office erros likely full voice mail
    Lubbock office: Hung up on by staff before I could say anything, likely due to non – Texas phone number
    Called back left scathing voice mail

    Contact info here

  4. elpayaso says

    that ranger ought to get some major kudos from her boss for being professional in the face of extreme assholery.

    as if there weren’t enough reasons to be embarrassed about living in TX.

  5. Trebuchet says

    Lord, what an asshole! He’s causing the problem and SHE should be ashamed?

    @3: I feel bad for Texans. I’m sure the majority of them aren’t this dumb. At least I was sure until I remembered they elected Ted Cruz statewide.

  6. grumpyoldfart says

    Neugebauer’s response:
    He said, “My beef was not with the Parks Ranger. My beef is with the Parks Department and this president, that they would deny these American heroes access to the World War II memorial.”

    “When she told me it was the Parks Department, I said they should be ashamed of themselves – not her

    In the video he said the Park Service should be ashamed.
    The woman said “I’m not ashamed.”
    Neugebauer said, “You should be.”

  7. left0ver1under says

    Would he have been as rude and condescending were the park ranger a man?

    It’s the same old story. Yogi just got caught stealing and was forced to return the picnic basket.

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