New shooting in DC started at White House


The all clear sign has been given but lots of questions remain about a reported shooting and car chase in the nation’s capital. Preliminary reports suggest a car tried to breach security at the White House, that that evolved into a car chase, rumors are the suspect has been captured or killed.

Via Pete Williams live ‘at about 2 PM the driver of this car tried to ram one of the White House security gates. Driver then tried to drive away, a car high speed dramatic chase ensued up Pennsylvania Ave until the car crashed a block past the capital building. The female driver then jumped out, and a shoot out occurred in which she was killed and at least one DC police was hurt and transported to ER by helicopter.’

There are rumor on Twitter of another suspect in custody. By the way, those capital police are furloughed and working without pay today.

Update: It appears the second occupant in the shooter’s car was a child for chrisakes. The shooter may have been hurt in the car crash and not shot. But she is in custody.


  1. dean says

    Wow! The president tried to stage a false flag attach on his own body by having a car try to break through White House security. How clever is that guy?

    [end of right wing stoooopid parody]

    Hope that officer’s injury is as non-severe as a gunshot wound can be.

  2. trucreep says

    CNN (I know…grain of salt) is reporting all shots were fired by the police. Might be early to dub the woman as “the shooter.”

  3. shouldbeworking says

    Excuse a Canuck for thinking this, but what sort of screwed up system forces an entire police department to go on unpaid leave? They worked for free? They deserve a better government than they have at the moment.

    Sorry if I offended any American.*

    I told you I was a Canadian.

  4. colnago80 says

    Re shouldbeworking @ #4

    The USA is the laughing stock of the world right now. However, it won’t be so funny if the Congress fails to pass the debt ceiling increase in 2 weeks as the default will take down the rest of the world with us.

  5. says

    A clear story is emerging from various news sources. The woman rammed a checkpoint at the White House. When she was unable to get past the second part of the checkpoint, she backed out, hitting a Capitol police officer in the process, and sped down Pennsylvania Avenue. She crashed her car several blocks later outside one of the Senate office buildings and fled the scene on foot, ignoring police orders to stop.

    If this is a reasonably accurate account of what happened, I believe the police did what they needed to do.

    @shouldbeworking #4 – As was the case in past shutdowns (all forced by “fiscally conservative” Republicans), “non-essential” workers are placed on furlough — that is to say, unpaid leave with the understanding that they would be available to return to their jobs with latest pay and benefits at a moment’s notice.

    “Essential” workers, which includes federal law enforcement (DC police, Secret Service, federal marshals, etc.), most postal workers, border control and the like, are required to report for work even though they are not getting paid. The expectation is that they will get back pay soon after the shut down ends and money is once again available for salaries. If an “essential” worker fails to come in, they are considered to have quit: they lose their pay claim, their seniority, their benefits, everything. This pretty much turns them into slave labor, something that the Republicans seem quite happy with. If you think TSA agents at US airports have been pissy, imagine what they will be like after their first missed paycheck.

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