The Horror! He only makes a $172,000 a year …


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So while I’m desperately begging readers this weekend for small dollar donations, to keep from getting my utilities shut off at the end of this month, this clown, who is worth three million dollars, has the grapes to whine about his taxpayer-paid salary of $172,000 200k a year plus comprehensive healthcare. That would be Philip Gingrey (R-Asshole) way down south in the land of Dixie and he did’;t even get the basic salary right:

MSBC — It just tugs on the heartstrings, doesn’t it? Gingrey was actually off by a couple thousand. Members of Congress have made $174,000 annually since 2009. The median household income in Gingrey’s home state of Georgia, meanwhile, is $49,736 a year.

Gingrey’s comments were first reported by The National Review, a conservative news publication. His words “incensed some of the GOP aides in the room,” writes Jonathan Strong. Gingrey made the comments during a discussion about an Obamacare rule requiring congressional staffers to buy their health insurance in the exchange markets. The Office of Personnel Management has said that the government can continue to contribute money to the health care premiums of Congress and their aides, but critics have deplored what they see as special treatment.

Really does make me feel bad. I guess my tears are tempered knowing if I don’t clear the poverty line this year I won’t be able to sign up for Obamacare. Because in Texas where I live. Governor Rick ‘Painkiller’ Perry and his merry band of henchmen are dithering on accepting the ACA expansion that would keep me in meds and check ups after a major heart attack and heart surgery.


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