Uncle Sam says ‘Spread Your Legs!’


That’s not a bad political ad. It’s dishonest as hell, the people who really seem to dream about getting their version of government all up in your vaginas are the social conservatives. So I wish the Pro-choice folks had used something like that. But it makes a deeper point that I actually agree with: if you don’t want medical care, you probably shouldn’t worry much about health insurance. Policies offered under Obamacare do have to offer basic preventative care and that includes the option for physical exams of all kinds. Of course you can have the health insurance, for things like car wrecks or lightning strikes, without having to take advantage of the preventative care offered, if that’s what you want. It’s hard to see how that would be getting your money’s worth, but it’s your call.

The idea of scaring young people into not signing up also puts the Teaparty squarely opposed to the big insurance biz. Now make no mistake, enough young people will sign up that it will do fine, the rest comes out of the insurance company’s bottom line, and if they decide there’s no market there and pull out, we default to universal healthcare in most states and more will join suit over time. I’m all for the universal default and could care less about insurance company bottom lines — of course, insurance companies might want to think twice about funding a candidate that wants them to take a bath in the process of locking them out of the biggest windfall since the bailouts.


  1. Holms says

    Here in Australia, the main thing private health insurers offer above the blanket medicare is dental and optical exams and the like. The vast majority of the rest of their perks are downright useless: your choice of choripractic and all sorts of alternative bilge.

  2. yellowsubmarine says

    Dammit! That would have been a great commercial for when they were trying to get transvaginal ultrasound passed : /

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