Texas GOP uses procedural technicality to silence woman lawmaker


Life feed of Texas Ledge 25 June, 2013
Update: Live Ustream outside capital … vote was taken at … 11:66 PM 25 June 2013, ahem. Texas ledge page was then “retrodated” to show just before midnight, making this one of the most shameful nights in Lone Star politics ever recorded. There is some disagreement between what Texas GOP says and what clerk is currently reporting as passed. Either way, progressives are pissed and registering new voters as you read this.

A battle has been raging in Texas, but the end may be near. A short time ago the filibuster was broken by a procedural technicality by GOP lawmakers in Texas. This story is moving fast, best followed on Twitter at #SB5 and TXLedge for starters. Context below but make no mistake folks, this bill is going through. If not tonight they’ll gin up a special session or cook up some governor magic. The idea is to make it as hard as possible and expose the clowns hoping to further restrict women’s’ rights.

At midnight tonight the state legislature closes out its session. As the state is dominated by conservatives backing Gov. Rick Perry, they chose these last few days to focus on jobs and the economy … by which we mean the war on women, naturally. But with the help of thousands of progressive voices and courageous lawmakers like State Senator Wendy Davis, so far tonight one such odious bill has been stymied:

At 11:18 a.m. this morning, State Senator Wendy Davis began a filibuster against SB5, which includes some of the most restrictive anti-woman anti-choice regulations in the nation.

Davis is already off to a strong start, reading testimony from the The Texas District of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) opposing the bill, before beginning to read testimony from Texas women who came to the State Affairs committee meeting in which Rep. Byron Cook stopped testimony from those who opposed the bill.

Senator Wendy Davis needs you. Click here to submit your story so she can read it on the floor.

For more on what this awful bill does, click here.

Davis is no stranger to the worst in Texas politics: her Fort Worth office was bombed with Molotov cocktails last year. Maybe this will earn her and anyone else who speaks out an all expense paid trip of humiliation down Limbaugh Lane, just like Sandra Fluke and so many others. Or worse.

You can drop Wendy Davis, and all those fighting for us in the scarlet red Lone Star state, a note of encouragement right here.


  1. badgersdaughter says

    As a Texan and the daughter and wife of immigrants, I nevertheless think that the only way to honor the ideals of freedom and community this state is supposedly based on is in absentia. Similar sentiments apply to this once-great country.

  2. cgilder says

    We did it! I just got home from the Capitol, and that was quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever participated in. It was deafening, and wall-shaking.

    Now we just have to hope they don’t call ANOTHER special session.

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