Heartland Institute revisionism corrected by Chinese

The Boulder Glacier retreated 450 m (1,480 ft) from 1987 to 2003. Click for more info on receding glaciers

The Boulder Glacier retreated 450 m (1,480 ft) from 1987 to 2003. Click for more info on receding glaciers


The Heartland Institute is a fossil-fuel front tasked with convincing as many people as possible to ignore their lying eyes. They were originally cooked up in 1984 to downplay the dangers of tobacco use. When last we heard from Heartland, they were for online theft before they were against it and comparing climate scientists to serial killers on public billboards. Recently Heartland bragged the Chinese were shying away from an environmental treaty because the science did not support global warming. This was so egregiously false the Chinese issued a stern correction reading in part:

The claim of the Heartland Institute about CAS’ endorsement of its report is completely false. … The false claim by the Heartland Institute was made public without any knowledge of the translator group. …  we have requested by email to the president of the Heartland Institute that the false news on its website to be removed. … If the Heartland Institute does not withdraw its false news or refuse to apologize, all the consequences and liabilities should be borne by the Heartland Institute.

It’s not that Heartland is in the denial business, it’s that they’re terrible at it, creating more bad press for the issue and their sponsors than they could possibly be worth. How do these clowns continue to get funded?


  1. magistramarla says

    I know the answer. They are funded by a large number of big corporations. A list was published a while back, and my insurance company was on it. I wrote a letter of complaint that my money was being used for this. Obviously I wasn’t alone, since the company stopped funding them.
    I don’t for a minute believe that it’s not still happening, since I think that a lot of insurance/financial institutions are in bed with the conservatives. I’m just glad that the company is no longer touted as a supporter.

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