Google fiber, next stop, Austin, Texas?

Rumors flying, nothing official, but …

No one’s sure where Google Fiber will arrive next, but the Internet is abuzz about a press conference on Tuesday, April 9 during which Google may announce that the service is headed to Austin, Texas

Why is this so cool? Mainly, because I live in Austin. And G-fiber is roughly 100 times faster than high-speed broadband, which is the maddening, clunky network that I battle with every day, and sometimes lose to, trying to post here. Better video explanation below the fold.


  1. cgilder says

    Cannot even tell you how badly we want Google Fiber. In our neighborhood, you can ONLY get TWC. There is no grande, no u-verse, no EarthLink, and time Warner knows it. We are so fucking sick of their shenanigans. I was completely unsurprised that they thought they could get away with their “tiered pricing” structure plan a couple years ago because so much of the city is at their mercy. Too bad the city is tech-savvy enough to call bullshit loud and long. It was so insulting to be labeled one of those “fringe” users that they were trying to protect the rest of the poor little “normal” users from because we were pirating software and music and shows and being a massive hub for illegality. Or, you know, because my husband works from home, plays online video games, uploads huge high-quality photographs to sell on various stock photography sites, and we stream quite a bit of Netflix for both us and the kids. We smoke through 2gb of data in 10 days, even trying to conserve it, like when we didn’t have Internet after a move and used the Verizon iPad to tether only David’s work computer and online conference calls/screen sharing.

    They just got pissy because they realized that people were actually doing what TWC had promised the high speed Internet would be able to do, and we’re realizing they didn’t need cable any more!

    Anyways, so that’s my TWC rant. Long live Google Fiber. Now if we can only figure out what their long-term plan is…

  2. sqlrob says

    We’ve wanted to dump Time Warner forever, and I’d take this in a heartbeat.

    The day before I saw this announcement, I noticed our download speed is at 30 Mb, although our upload has remained at 1 Mb. I wonder if it’s related.

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