I’ll be on the air shortly

Technology notwithstanding, I’ll be on the air at Daily Kos radio with Kagro in the Morning and guest Dr Greg Dworkin. This show streams live and it can be downloaded for podcast. If you want to listen live, my scheduled time is 9:15 –  10 AM Eastern, and I have a lot to cover. The link below usually works, but I’ll have another page linked if you have issues with other options.

Can’t see the Flash player? Click here to download the stream directly.

First up I’ll be representing the proud and growing atheist movement, in part by thanking FtB readers for helping me through a real stressful time, not just with encouraging emails and helpful advice from fellow heart patients, but a couple of dozen who donated their cold hard cash to ease me past a cash flow crunch that about sent me to the ER this week with anxiety over my mounting bills and a missing disability check. Because of them I have more than enough. I thank you, my heart thanks you, and my blood pressure thanks you.

Kagro and I will also be talking about some interesting science news this week, some actual science, some wingnuttia, most of which regular readers here have already read and written about themselves. And if I have time I want to talk about the ACA, aka Obamacare, from two different perspectives: one is an old friend, same age as me, who died recently from sudden cardiac arrest, he was between jobs with no health insurance. The other one is an old friend, a single mom with two teenage kids, who lost her freaking job because of the ACA, it threw her life into utter chaos. I think it’s important to keep in mind that major policy changes, no matter how much good we expect and hope they accomplish, will by definition have far reaching and unpredictable consequences. Not all objections to legislation are pure politics, some come from legit worries or legit beefs.

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