Yesterday I was near desperate, today I’m saved


UPDATE: Guys and Gals, I’m fighting off tears in my eyes as I write this, Just over a hundred bucks more now, and even if we don’t get it, the donations so far are enough that I’m basically saved the humiliation and risk that had me so freaked out. I’m going to leave this up through mid-morning, while I go to cardio rehab, and I’m sure that will do it. I can’t thank you enough, my stress level is dropping noticeably. I’ll announce as soon as we hit the target. Thank you all so much!

I’m just going to keep this short and sweet: I need several hundred dollars to cover some medical expenses from a massive unplanned heart attack I suffered last month. If that’s all you need to know you can donate here, StevenAndrew-at-Paypal. Any amount no matter how small is greatly appreciated. Email address of the account is DarkSydOThemoon -at- domain A.O.L plus the dot and the com if you’re set up that way.

I have great health insurance, I loaded up on extra insurance including extra short-term disability insurance out of my own pocket. That disability is enough for me to live on and it has been approved. I’ve literally been told the first check is now in the mail. But I haven’t had a pay check in over a month now, I’m tapped out from constant  deductibles which started anew this year, big copays for heart surgery and MD support staff, plus hospital stay, follow-up appointments with a cardiologist and a rheumatologist — the autoimmune inflammatory condition provides significant risk of serious complications and had to be treated with Humira and other very expensive drugs — and endless Rx copays for all that. I had a bit of an anxiety meltdown today when I realized I don’t even have enough in checking to cover the copays for my appointments, rehab, and meds this week (The two most important meds are called Carvediol and Brilinta respectively if anyone’s interested). That first disability check probably isn’t going to show up this week, and it’s drawn on an out of state bank anyway.

I am so sorry, I feel like a heel, I never thought I would be in this situation, even planned for years and sacrificed to sock money away during better times for years and years.  But I don’t know what else to do. I sure don’t want to depend on my 84-year-old retired father, his health is declining and he’s done enough for me over the last two  years. But those meds and those appointments are absolutely critical. If I’m wrong and the checks hit tomorrow or Thurs, I may be able to offer to reverse some of the donations. But for now I’m beyond worried, I’m scared and desperate.


  1. roundguy says

    Mostly a lurker, but I’ve really enjoyed a lot of what you’ve written (here and at that great Orange Satan place) over the years.

    I kicked in a few bucks. I hope things improve soon.

  2. faithandreason says

    Created an account to let you know I chipped in a bit as well.

    I’m in Austin too, and I just went to the ER at the Heart Hospital last week. Fortunately it was just for a kidney stone.

  3. embraceyourinnercrone says

    Please try not to feel bad about asking your readers for help!

    I kicked in a couple bucks, its not much but I hope it helps. I mostly just lurk but I really enjoy your writing. I’ve also kind of been where you are. Several years ago my husband got sick and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong; some kind of entero-virus most likely. When he finally got over the fevers he had congestive heart failure and then the angioplasty which resulted in 3 stents.

    He is is so much better now but the endless lab tests, doctors office visits, and being out of work all summer did a number on our finances. Then 18 months later my daughter broke her arm and required several surgeries…and endless x-rays. Even with insurance the costs of all of this made life a little rough for a while.
    Things are better now.

    I am glad to be able pay it forward. (You need those meds, you don’t need your heart going asplodey again)

  4. ericjuve says

    I’m happy to help. Keep the donation in any case as I consider it payment for services rendered. Thank you for your cogent and interesting writing. Oh and I hope you get well soon!

  5. mildlymagnificent says

    Andrew, I have to wait just a bit to put anything in myself, but can I make a similar suggestion to what people were saying to Greta not so long ago. Hang on to any apparent surplus for a while. You know you have problems piling up on on the other – and that any one of them would be more manageable if you’d not had the others.

    Put it aside – if it still exists after a week or a month. Then wait for 3 or more months before working out where your health is up to, then calculating how much you need for new medications, increasing copays and all that stuff. There’s no harm in later donating a little bit of interest as well as the funds themselves. Far better than finding out you needed more funds a fortnight after you’ve transferred it elsewhere.

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