What really saved my life

I’ve been asked to jot down a post about my heart attack for February, heart health month. For patients, docs and emergency responders can read this post, written when I was actually having a full blown, massive myocardial infarction. Below is a rough draft, a work in progress, it was written quickly and clearly needs to be punched up. I know you guys are probably tired of hearing about this, but if you are so inclined, maybe a peek behind the creative curtain will result in anecdotes, and suggestions that will make it somewhat readable. [Read more…]


Yesterday was a very weird day. No sooner had I reconnected with an old friend than another old friend I see all the time died unexpectedly leaving all of us who knew him in complete shock. I’m afraid to open up the Internet or turn on any channel beyond the cartoon network this morning.

The Village on the Beltway

Unlike most of my progressive digital riff-raff buddies, I generally give the Beltway media a pass. Yes the news celebrity centered part of it can be annoying or worse, but the bulk of “the beltway media” is gum shoe reporters and editors busting their asses for dwindling market share and job security. Nevertheless, now and then a spectacle of such dismal import comes along that even I can’t look the other way. So it was with Meet the Press yesterday morning: [Read more…]

Religion: A question of comfort?

I had breakfast with an old friend yesterday whose father died recently. The tragedy, the brutality, of the experience was all too clear on her face and in her voice. I wouldn’t call her super religious, but she’s definitely found some comfort in prayer and counseling with religious authorities. There’s no way I’d go an atheist rant in a discussion like that, and I doubt she’ll ever invite one. But let’s say hypothetically after the worst of the pain has passed, someone you know in that position did.

What would you say? Or more to the point, if you could persuade someone suffering a terrible loss that there are no supernatural beings, and by extension places where their loved ones live on in some way, would you? Should you? [Read more…]

Another idiot totally misses the point of the ‘war on women’


The thing about multi-billionaires is they are1) unelectable and 2) more powerful than a modest sized country. That’s a bad combination already, assuming one appreciates democracy anyway. But Santorum financier zillionaire Foster Friess adds another concern: there’s just too many toadies willing to adore their invisible robes, they have no way to know when they’re being utter fools. In the words of MC Hawking, check it: [Read more…]

Senator Paul, you are no Barack Obama

Republicans finally got their show trial with Hillary Clinton on Wednesday. It’s more than a day late and a dollar short, most of us have forgotten how the crazy spiel even went. If memory serves, democrats, led by evil mastermind Barack Hussein Obama, covered up the possibility of Al Qaeda linked terrorists behind the attack in Benghazi that left two diplomats and two bodyguards dead. The purported motivation driving the cover up? I’m actually chuckling as I write this part: anything hyping Al Qaeda as a deadly terrorist organization hell bent on killing innocent Americans would have been so bad for a President’s public approval rating that Obama had to have it suppressed (WE all remember how Bush’s numbers nose dived after 9-11 right?). Things didn’t go quite like conservatives fantasized: [Read more…]