Fiscal Cliff deal is DEMONIC!!

Via Rightwing Watch its prosperity Gospel at its most revolting. Bryan Fischer denounces the fiscal curb deal, “It’s demonic!”. See, when Jesus preached about helping the sick and the poor, and that rich people were on cosmic probation for being rich, what he really meant was rendering 35% onto Caesar is so fine it’s divine, but paying an additional 4.6% on adjusted gross income over $450,000 a year is the work of Satan. It’s all in the Bible …


  1. says

    “paying an additional 4.6% on adjusted gross income over $450,000 a year is the work of Satan”

    I agree, they should be paying a HELL of a lot more!!!!

  2. says

    Nobody paid taxes during the golden age of Saint Ron! It’s all a lie! Taxes are just an invention of the Kenyan Kommunist’s anti-colionial plan to turn America into European-style socialism!!!!!!1!

  3. Randomfactor says

    If you read Revelation just right* the Number of the Beast is 39.6.

    *(you have to have just the right drugs available.)

  4. says

    I guess you could put this under “punishing success,” there’s a reason we want to ‘punish’ it by taxin it outside of the obvious moral argument. If success grows too large, a statistical certainty even if it’s just a million monkeys throwing darts at a stock page, the successee becomes so powerful they can buy out the government or indulge any whack job whim no matter how destructive. In worse case scenarios it enters into a sort of Darwinian winner take all deal, where the most rapacious greed wins. And sooner or later, if run to its inevitable conlcusion, all the wealth and power ends up in the hands of one guy or one family.

    The government, with all its problems and corruption and human foibles, is at least electable. Multi-billionaire familiar dynasties OTOH are decidedly non electable. I’d rather have the ‘boss’ be someone we can collectively throw out if need be.

  5. sqlrob says

    Given the pork that I’ve seen reported, yeah, he’s right, it’s demonic.

    A stopped clock…

  6. alanuk says

    This Bryan Fischer appears to be an American. Does he not know that America (or at least the US of A part) belongs to the British Crown. Greedy Americans committed treason, fought against His Majesty’s forces, installed a usurper as Head of State – in short, they STOLE America!

    What additional crimes has your Congress committed, on top of these, to provoke the ire of Bryan Fischer?

    The good news is that both Britain and the US has embraced democracy since the days of our little disagreement. You have a democratically elected President, a democratically elected House of Representatives, and a democratically elected Senate – I don’t know who elected Bryan Fischer or who he represents.

  7. jackiepaper says

    Alanuk, he represents GOD.

    Meaning, no one at all. Ick, I can’t believe people take these creeps seriously.

    Then again, I find myself think that alot. I’m usually wrong.

  8. baal says

    Imagine the power our lord Satan would amass if the marginal tax rate on adjusted gross income (on single filers) went up 4.7%! That additional .1 would surely empower the beast beyond all expectations…

    I join much of the left in condemning the deal as too little for some and too much for others. The Estate tax goes up 5% (35 to 40) but only applies to estates > 5 million dollars (median income low 10s of thousand, I should find some stats on net wealth at death). Cap gains tax (free money for owning stocks) goes up just under 9% to 23.8%. AMT is fixed (not great but I’m glad it’s off the table for a while now). Unemployment insurance only gets a 5 year extension. Not all bad but far from what I thought was possible. (and yeah, pork! – hello milk price supports set up in the 1930’s due to the lack of refrigerated trucks)

    The killer for me is that they didn’t fold in a requirement that the debts the (R) already put on the books gets paid for by the (R). We’re looking at more absurdist ‘debt crisis’ crap every two months from now til the next election.

  9. grumpyoldfart says

    He doesn’t actually believe any of that stuff – it’s the way he makes his money. He tells his flock they are being attacked by demons and once he’s got them all worried and confused, he says he can protect them if only they would press the donate button on his website. So far it’s been working a treat.

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