We are still here

It wasn’t quite as much of a predatory feeding frenzy as Y2K, but there are no doubt some End-o-World scammers running for cover with their stolen loot right about now. As, alas, the world failed to end.

But fear not! There are still many ways it could end. And even if there is no dramatic flame out, our collective fate is at least partly in the hands of madmen, some of whom who literally and proudly believe Jesus loved guns so much he rode a dinosaur named Trigger. Plenty of opportunity there for epic fail, so keep on truck’n boys and girls. That is all.


  1. brucecoppola says

    Don’t be so sure! The Mayan lands of the Yucatan and Central America are on Central time, so it ain’t over till the Mayan equivalent of the fat lady sings at midnight CST (as foretold by the god Xicaago).

  2. Alverant says

    Small problem, bruce. Midnight has already passed in the central time zone. Midnight is the start, not the end, of the day the same way noon starts 12 pm. Our clock system is messed up. We go from 12 to 1. The military does it better. Midnight is 0-hundred hours.

  3. baal says

    I haz disappoint.

    Any chance we could get folks to pay attention to the age of the earth and things that will likely happen rather than absurdities based on abstracts like calendars?

  4. comfychair says

    When the batteries in my clock die, time will stop and we’ll all be frozen in place forever.

  5. sheila says

    And right on cue to celebrate the new Mayan millennium – I HAVE A NEW GREAT NIECE!

    Life goes on. (And I have a little jacket to finish.)

  6. mayanskeptic says


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    it is the video about the PIGS

  7. thebookofdave says

    It might be exactly like Y2K. An old computer of mine finally went kaput in the hard drive. It may have been dependent on Mayan date/time format.

  8. davidmc says

    And with 100k schools, needing a good guy with a gun it would probably be only a matter of time before one of those good guys with a gun goes bad.
    Shutting down the librul meeja, hollywood and the gameing and porn industries and commie bloggers like you steven, is the answer.
    I saw some arse on newsnight the other night and he was like, thanks to guns we have less house burglaries than the UK. My forehead is still bruised.

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