Do you believe in God or Aliens?

It’s become a regular godless ritual to scan the search results for “God” every Sunday morning. Hey, being an FTB minion has its perks and its tedium. Most of the articles are written by clergy with a message for believers the author feels will help them in their daily struggles, mixed in with the now unavoidable ideological nonsense masked as religion. But this one caught my eye: More Brits believe in aliens than in God: [Read more…]

Sleazy Joe Walsh doubles down on the crazy

I would have loved to post a quote and link from Joe Walsh claiming his female injured war veteran opponent insulted women, but I can’t. Because out of the blue my mouse suddenly stopped copying and pasting. The PC has been rebooted, the mouse has been replaced, it does everything else except copy and paste. It’s just one of an endless series of tech issues I face everyday that have exploded over the last few years, while resources and expertise to address them have dwindled. So on this deal today, no one here at work, a software development company mind you, seems capable of fixing it or in all honesty, even giving a shit. I guess I’ll just have to work without a major necessary tool functioning all day ::Shrug:: [Read more…]

Crazy Joe Walsh rides to Obama’s rescue

You knew the crazy teabagging congressional caucus couldn’t go long keeping their crazy science-y ideas to themselves about the mysterious lady parts. After a dreadful summer topped off by Todd Akin, Quasi-MD., the first debate and subsequent polling seem to finally turn Romney’s way. Which is why I bet crazy Joe Walsh is being told to politely and firmly by his colleagues to please cease and desist before this turns into another Todd Akin flap: [Read more…]

Earth-sized planet found lurking in data around … Alpha Centauri

We are living in the greatest age of planetary discovery since Galileo looked at Jupiter, and that age may be on the verge of delivering one of the most exciting discoveries imaginable: earth-like planet[s] around Alpha Centauri, AKA Rigel Kent or ACen. Just the name Centauri brings on dreamy eyes in the sci-fi and space exploration community alike. At 4.37 light-years away, the three stars making up the Centauri system are by far our closest stellar neighbors. Via reader/writer “F,” planet hunters pouring over data from the most famous star system outside of ours have found strong hints of an earth-sized world, and there could be more: [Read more…]

Sit very still and they won’t suspect you

Via Balloon Juice, I think this is a very rigid and creepy looking Tagg or possibly Josh Romney, one of Mitt’s spawn anyway, watching Tuesday’s debate. Not to pick on a candidate’s kid, but since he’s an arrogant prick who seeks out the limelight, Romney JR has earned an exception. … You can almost see the demon seething inside and a thought bubble, “If I sit still, very still, I’ll show them I wouldn’t even harm a fly …”

Fascinating ideas on the history of Titan and Saturn

Look at Jupiter and you see a mini solar system right down to quasi-analogues of the planets, even a hint of scattered disk and Kuiper Belt objects. But look at Saturn and you see one large Jovian like moon, a hell of a lot of beat to shit frozen moonlets, and billions of icy shards.  The systems surrounding these two planets clearly diverged, violently by the look of it. Now some planetary scientists think they have an idea how it went down out Saturn’s way: [Read more…]

Cry bias and unleash the dogs of war

Two conflicting themes now emerging on the right to explain last night’s debate performance by Romney. It was 1) a clear draw and therefore a winner for the challenger, 2) Obama got the upper hand because of liberal bias in general and the moderator specifically. What might surprise my colleagues on the other side of the keyboard, I actually agree some anti Romney bias has emerged over the last few months in the mainstream political reporting community. [Read more…]


I was exposed to MRSA taking care of a sick person and spent the last few days making sure it didn’t take. It’s a big deal because I take a drug called Humira that’s supposed to weaken my immune system. Any infection that gains a foothold could spread fast. But so far, so good! Lots of news, big debate tonight, and there’s this neat article about Jupiter’s Trojan satellites: [Read more…]