Best Daily Show opener EVER

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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The Daily Show was brilliant last night, Colbert was equally great. And once again it raises the question of why a fake comedy-news show and a satirist posing as a wingnut pundit are the among the first ones out of the gate ‘reporting’ the obvious.


  1. Jordan Genso says

    I was pleasantly surprised just seeing their opening line each night was something like:

    A party too proud for facts… A candidate too wealthy for taxes…

    And they were still able to get Marco Rubio and two other prominent Republicans to be guests on the show this week.

    I agree though, the segment you embedded was the best of the week (although Thursday’s opener was also basically perfect with John Oliver explaining the “We Can Change It” slogan), especially when Jon Stewart literally called “bull fucking shit” on Mitt Romney’s line that he wished President Obama had succeeded.

  2. lcaution says

    No One: you are so right. Bee was brilliant. It never ceases to amaze and bewilder me as to how “small government”, “limited government”, “the right to make our own decisions” (i.e., Romney doesn’t have to accept the Republican platform) Conservatives have no trouble telling doctors what to tell or not tell their female patients, requiring intra-vaginal ultrasounds, and asserting that once a woman becomes pregnant, her body is public property and no longer her own to control.

    Re Stewart and Colbert:
    What amazes me about these two shows is that within 24 hours of something happening, with staffs that must be significantly smaller than any of the major news organizations, they can pull up multiple videos of multiple people saying contradictory things with respect to the issue at hand.

    But the major “news” organizations apparently no longer think such research, or context, is necessary. They just run today’s video, or ask for today’s talking point and go on to the next subject – and they absolutely do not see anything wrong with this brand of “journalism”.

    In a way, they are no different from the above mentioned “small-government” Conservatives. They have built an iron-clad rationalization for why the way they cover the news is the right way to cover the news, in spite of at least 20-30 years worth of criticism.

  3. 'Tis Himself says

    lcaution #3

    It certainly says something that the two best television journalists are on Comedy Central.

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