A feint and a debacle

It was bad enough that the GOP was running around virtually in drag pretending to love women and minorities all week, while quietly or not so quietly nailing down planks on their platform that would more appropriate if read to the illiterate masses by a 14th century small-town crier. Plus Clint Eastwood was up there, a debacle that will be cruelly dissected elsewhere — just not here. Then there was touching witness to the generous side of Romney that We the People and billions dollars worth of media have somehow failed to perceive: [Read more…]

Hurricane Isaac

As of PM Eastern Time the National Weather Service shows Hurricane Isaac tracking true and steady for landfall smack dab on the Mississippi delta and passing right over New Orleans on Wednesday morning, seven years to the day Katrina hit that same spot. The landfall range at this juncture is not a lock, the storm could wobble and drift; if it does come close it matters a great deal exactly which side of the city the eye passes over. If Isaac’s center passes just to the east it means the traditionally weaker side of the storm hits NOLA proper. If Isaac jogs a bit to the west that would take the most powerful part of the eye wall right over the heavily populated, low-laying sections that were flooded in 2005.

The good news is, currently, Isaac is not likely to be a major hurricane, i.e. cat 3 or greater. Via Dr. Jeff Masters at the WeatherUnderground: [Read more…]