I’m on the 4-10 to paradise and you are invited

I’ve riffed on my day job a bit. Ok, more than a bit. But they fixed the FMLA issue and there’s more. Things are gonna change here at the Zingularity. But in a good way!

Because I’m such a fuckin bad ass, meaning my production rank is stellar at the job, I basically got to choose whatever shift I wanted. I chose the 4-10; that’s four 10-hour days and three full days off. Better still, those three days off are in the middle of the week (In fact, today is the first of the three). Plus I have the entire morning off even on work days. So far I love the shift. I can work four days, take one off, work half a day or a full day for overtime, and take another day off. Or, if I take four days off, we’re talking about a ten day vaca babay! The only way it could be better is if one of those off days was a wekeend day, and that cold be in the cards at some point.

For the past year posting has been erratic at times, hit or miss at best. Being on top of stuff and still holding down a full-time job meant getting up at or before dawn, or putting in keyboard time the night before looking for interesting stories that could be old news 12 hours later. Some stories take more work than you might think, facts have to be checked with experts, copy from same is even better. That’s impractical when you work from eight to five and can’t use email readily, or make and take calls, at work. No more. The bottom line going forward is work won’t interfere with blogging nearly as much as it has. Assuming you don’t count blogging as work, which I don’t.

My initial strategy, such as it was, was to first see if this network would even survive. None of us knew how a network dedicated to rationalism would fare. It’s now obvious FTB will be around as long as blogs are relevant. Much of that is thanks to Ed Brayton, we are really lucky to have him and if you want to know who to thank for finally having a place where atheists and the atheist curious can congregate, Ed would be a good place to start.

The network has done so well that it’s probably the fastest growing or one of the fastest growing new kids on the virtual block over the last year. Not that that is going to get covered or recognized anytime soon.  Atheists regularly rank near radical Islamists in US polls. Which is kinda weird considering the focus and content here. Anyway …

The next step was to develop a core group of readers willing to smack idiots down in comments and clue me in when I screw something up. I think we have that, too. Next up is a routine, some kind of style and consistency that readers can count on when they visit. That’s where I’m at and that’s why the new shift is a welcome change.

I’m thinking a decent routine would be a post on some news worthy political or human interest item, a science-y post, and a skeptic piece, each day, as material and the news cycle warrants. Maybe with a linkfest round-up off other stories on FTB every day or a couple of times a week, making this corner of Godless hell a good place to glance over each day when you’re getting up and around. What do you think? Would that be useful?


  1. a miasma of incandescent plasma says

    Yays! Congrats! My wife works 4-10s, she really likes it. Hope it works for you.

    I like the idea of a FtB linky roundy uppy. This network is too large to feel like I’ve covered all the good stuff and still fake that I’m being productive at work, soooo… if you could do that for me?? Yeah… thanks.

    Some of the comment sections get tl;dr, so if you throw a couple of “featured comment” if you find one you agree with that would be cool too. To kinda see where you stand or what you are wanting to highlight.

    I don’t think you necessarily need to make yourself do 3 different topics each day. Things that are forced tend to feel forced (just like when my cat’s breath smells like cat food). Like you said… when material warrants… But stay on top of cosmology, you and Starts with a Bang are my go-to if I need to feel really really really small.

  2. davidmc says

    ” and clue me in when I screw something up”
    Well i let you know about your mistake regarding Prometheus, and will be happy do do so again. Love the real space stuff, where i wouldnt dare.

  3. davidmc says

    Stay on top of the Mars Landing that coming up too please. I started off really excited by that, now Im a bit nervous for ’em.

  4. Trebuchet says

    Stephen, since we’re kind of meta on this post anyhow, are you aware your first name is misspelled in your bio over on the right?

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