Eclipse tonight for east and west

Get set, there will be a partial solar eclipse visible in some parts of the nation this evening and if you live a little west of thew Mississippi River you might catch a glimpse (Do not stare right into it, or you’re just an idiot):

(Cosmic Log) — The moon will start eating away at the sun’s disk around 5 p.m. ET today — although that’s early Monday morning in Asia, where the eclipse begins. A wide swath of the world between south China and the American Midwest will see a partial solar eclipse, due to the moon’s position between Earth and sun. And along a roughly 200-mile-wide track, skywatchers can witness a “Ring of Fire,” in which just a thin ring of the sun’s disk remains uncovered. There’ll be no total eclipse this time around, because the moon is too far away in orbit to match the sun’s apparent size. Nevertheless, it’s a sight not to be missed.


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