Actions have consequences, and so do words

That ad has caused some hand wringing in the centrist democratic coalition, AKA wimpy caucus, and anger, naturally, on the right. Of course it’s completely accurate, that’s exactly what Romney said. And for anyone who wants to lecture dems on using the death of bin Laden in their record of success, please, don’t. There are miles of footage of conservatives doing it in the nastiest way imaginable. If Romney didn’t want to get criticized for saying and writing that stuff, or if he didn’t mean it, he should not have said it or wrote it. Actions have consequences, and so do words.


  1. jamessweet says

    What’s the nature of the hand-wringing on the left?

    I’ll be honest, I think I may somewhat agree with that quote from Romney… but OTOH I don’t really see anything wrong with this ad. I mean, the Romney quote was presented honestly. No false or misleading claims are made. Some of us on the left may differ in the extent to which we are rejoicing in bin Laden’s death or whether we think the effort was worth it… but most Americans think the effort was well worth it, and you are right, the Dems should not be shy about claiming this as a success.

    I say that as someone who feels quite ambivalent about the whole thing. Even still, if the Dems want to brag about it, they should. And it is probably a successful political strategy. What’s the problem with any of that?

  2. jamessweet says

    The hand wringing and concern trolling has been along the lines of “Why did Obama take a great moment and turn it into an ugly, partisan political attack?!?!

    Um, wow. That’s not even close to what I would have guessed. That’s really….lame.

    So the Democratic party has basically decided that if they manage to achieve anything, they should share the credit with the Republicans. Hmmm, uh, good strategy…

  3. Francisco Bacopa says

    I love this ad. Ignore the concern trolls.

    The only way this ad could be better is if it used “Headhunter” by Front 242 as the background music. I listened to that song ten times the night the news came that Osama was dead.

  4. heironymous says

    We didn’t start the war…
    but we go Osama, nailed his ass to the wall-a

    Oh wait. For some reason, I’m not supposed to rejoice at another man’s death.

    In the days following Seal Team Six’s big success, the right wing was trying so hard to take credit for it. Even Dick Cheney got out of his cage and spouted some nonsense about justifying the torture. At the time, I was happy we’d caught OBL, and even happier that we’d have this chip to play in the election.

  5. Randomfactor says

    The Republicans are claiming the ad is “divisive,” in that it divides doubletalking Republicans like rMoney from American voters.

  6. davidnangle says

    Yup, divides Americans into those for completing military tasks, and those against completing military tasks.

  7. Brother Yam says

    Someone had six years to do it and didn’t. Considering the ugly terrorist-laden ads of the previous administration, this is downright gentle.

    For a bunch of tough guys, the Republicans are really wimpy.

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