Christian conservative group up in arms over purportedly gay Romney spokesman

Well, well, well, look who’s shocked to discover Mitt Romney making a play for unapproved voters. An email arrived in my inbox from a religo-political group with lots of alarming exclamation points! And breathless urgency! An excerpt:

Surprise, surprise. (Don’t shoot the messenger, please.) Last week, just days after Rick Santorum quit the race, Mitt Romney hired openly homosexual “national security and foreign policy spokesman” from California, Richard Grenell to speak for the Romney campaign about military issues. …

“Grenell is not just gay, but a gay activist who pushes for same-sex marriages,” says blogger Joel McDurmon.

Sorry, no link, it was an email. Besides, given the notable lack of accuracy — and deep affection for lies — shown by both the Romney campaign and the religious right, I have no idea what the truth is here and don’t want to reward anyone with page views. But if Romney did force these clowns to the fainting couches with teh gay I could care less. What I care about is what Romney cares about, and he only cares about two things: Mammon and Mormonism, or maybe winning, too, which would make it three things.

That Mittens worships money is not an issue. Not only does everyone accept it and his record prove it, worship of money is tacitly approved by those who also worship Republican Jesus. On the other hand, worship of Joe Smith as a 19th century prophet and taking the Book of Mormon seriously is a whole different story, one Romney has downplayed for good reason. His base has been led to believe Mormonism is a scary cult meeting in a midwest farm house listening to a sermon by the ghost of Manson-Koresh. Mormon New World Jesus is not nearly as popular among the right-tards as almighty Mammon and that’s saying it mildly. Too bad, because that’s reportedly a big influence on Romney and watching wingnuts choke and spew on that would be entertaining to say the least.

But Romney cares about winning, a lot, for reasons inexplicable to me given his wealth and cushy lifestyle, so he’s going to have to tack left on some issues or get killed in the general. Teh gay is a pretty safe one, there is growing support for gay rights across the political spectrum. Now, should he win, which Mitt Romney actually shows up to swear his Oath, the Massachusetts moderate or the scorching primary wingnut, is the 64 trillion-dollar question. But given his past performance, it’s a fair inference Mammon will be the deity Romney devoutly honors from his first hypothetical day in office, no matter which of the many past political voices in his head happens to be screaming the loudest.


  1. The Lorax says

    C’mon Mitt, you know you’re sunk completely if you keep leaning far-right. It worked in the primaries, but it’ll kill you in the general. Come back to center-right, and make yourself look like the biggest ass to every registered voter in the nation! Those who hated you will hate you more, and those who liked you will hate you.

    The GOP spent months shooting itself in the foot. Now that Romney has taken the lead, it’s bleeding.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    A Richard Grenell served as spokesperson for the US mission to the United Nations during the 2005 women’s conference in Beijing, doing everything he could to promote the anti-abortion agenda.

    A recent (4/25/12) email from the Family Research Council avers that

    Grenell, who has been very open about his homosexual lifestyle, publicly condemned the Bush administration (shortly after leaving it) for opposing a U.N. resolution urging the full acceptance of homosexuality. While Bush (like nearly two thirds of the U.N. member states) refused to endorse the measure endorsing homosexuality, President Obama signed it shortly after taking office. … In a recent column for the Washington Blade, Grenell hinted at where he falls on the marriage issue when he criticized gay and lesbian Democrats for supporting President Obama despite the fact that he hasn’t done enough to redefine marriage. Still others point to Grenell’s long-time partner and his desire to tie the knot, “It’s not an option for us… but hopefully someday soon it will be.” While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, there is strong evidence that Grenell would lobby for foreign policy more in line with the current administration than the last Republican one.

    And we all know all True Americans™ want to go back to the way things were run in the last Republican administration!

  3. says

    which Mitt Romney actually shows up to swear his Oath, the Massachusetts moderate or the scorching primary wingnut

    Or secret atheist communist Romney… It was a dodecatuple bluff!

  4. keithharwood00 says

    Here is another difference between US and Australia.

    Bob Brown, the retiring leader of the Greens Party is homosexual, Penny Wong, the Minister for Finance is lesbian and the Prime Minister is living in sin.

    And nobody cares.

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