Paul Ryan really is an incredible piece of work

Paul Ryan was informed by The Catholic Magisterium. That’s right. The supposedly buff guy who seems more in the dark about anaerobic training than the muscles he brags about confusing, made up the catfood-for-grandma budget he likes to wave around proudly guided by his faith (The numbers used on the other hand may have come from a random player tripping on mescaline while questing through Kalimdor):

(The Hill) — House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), whose budget plan recently passed the House in a party-line vote, says his faith contributed in shaping the proposal, which he says is consistent with Catholic teachings. “A person’s faith is central to how they conduct themselves in public and in private,” Ryan said in an interview released on Tuesday by the Christian Broadcasting Network. “So to me, using my Catholic faith, we call it the social magisterium, which is how do you apply the doctrine of your teaching into your everyday life as a lay person?”

Yes, you really read that and he really said that lame, smarmy shit. The church that demands helping the poor, the powerless, the middle class, the regular Joe, is responsible for Ryan’s mind-lock of greed with the modern-day equivalent of a bug-fuck crazy Egyptian Pharoah struggling with paranoid delusions and dementia induced by late stage syphilis. Which is supposed to provide some kind of protection, I guess, against the charges of world-class sociopathy and utter disregard for all that is Normal and Good he so richly deserves. It’s so seedy, so ugly, so completely revolting, that if I didn’t know better I’d guess Ryan was a blogger, or at least getting cut in on the link bait traffic.


  1. sunsangnim says

    Well, if his budget screws children and subjugates women, it must be inspired by the Catholic church.

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