Giant prehistoric snake coming soon to a town near you

PZ may have his colorful mollusca, aka cephalopods, but here at the Zingularity we’re talking giant prehistoric snake evolution like something right out of a b-movie! Meet Titanoboa, 50 feet long and weighing over a ton. It could have gulped down an adult with room left over for the rest of the family and its close cousins were even larger and more bizarre! [Read more…]

Us anti-science liberals have been taken to task by a brave anonymous emailer

Given the current anti-science jubilee going on among wingnut foot soldiers on the orders of their ignorant field commanders, you wouldn’t think they’d make a fuss about science. But you’d be wrong. One bold, fearless, anonymous member of the Keyboard Komanndos is mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore! [Read more…]

Let’s put the Koch Brothers’ evil in perspective

I don’t actually believe the Koch Brothers are the anti-Christ. It’s just that they’re so, so fucking evil. In every way evil can be measured. Right now those two diseased humans are one the biggest forces trying to end any hope of affordable insurance for all Americans. Here’s just one tiny example of the needless suffering these assholes hope to make more widespread and more universal for millions of us: [Read more…]

Humans are totally screwed

I guess everyone has their mini-break point. For some reason, here’s mine: as soon I saw this three-year old video of India and Pakistan’s antics at their border, that was it. Something died deep inside. I feel like throwing in the towel and just finding a nice secluded cave somewhere to quietly die of intra-species embarrassment.

I bought me a lottery ticket

Estimated cash value, now up to a cool 640 million. Normally I shy away from paying the stupid tax, but with all the buzz I was as helpless to do my consumer duty as a trained chicken pecking at a mini-piano for seed. If I win anything here is my sworn oath: as I’ve been carefully taught by the masters of the universe, like Mitt Romney and the Bain crew above, I will spend the money exclusively on myself, earmarking a few million for political purposes dedicated to making the life of non lottery winners as brutal as humanly possible and taking every last cent they have. Because half a billion isn’t nearly enough, right? How about you, fellow lottery players?

The crazy drama going on back in the USSR and why we are paying for it

According to Russian media, Roscosmos head Vladimir Popovkin was hospitalized for exhaustion. At the same time he checked in with a bandaged head, in itself an unusual symptom for over work, Aleksander Paramonov, Deputy Head of Star City was fingered as possibly being involved in incident that led to the hospital visit. No one’s talking on the record, but word is Popovkin got smacked in the head by a bottle during a drunken brawl over his choice for Roscosmos spokesperson, the nubile 27 year-old former model, uh-huh, shown next to him above. [Read more…]

Are the Koch Brothers the real anti-Christ?

Obama should stay out of the free market and focus instead on controlling the free market! If that header makes no sense, welcome to the wonderful wacky world of religio-conservative politics. Where consistency and logic take a back-seat to anything that might benefit poor downtrodden zillionaires and multinational corporations, err, I mean multinational people, you know, the non-alive kind of “people” that happened to be publicly owned by shareholders … [Read more…]

An eye witness steps foward in the Trayvon Martin case

Video of George Zimmerman being brought into the Sanford police station after shooting on 26 Feb 2012

I’ve held off on writing about the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin last month in Florida. There just wasn’t enough info at first and it was being blogged coast to coast elsewhere. But it’s started to fill in a bit and maybe some speculation on what could have happened is in order. First the eyewitness: [Read more…]