Let’s put the Koch Brothers’ evil in perspective

I don’t actually believe the Koch Brothers are the anti-Christ. It’s just that they’re so, so fucking evil. In every way evil can be measured. Right now those two diseased humans are one the biggest forces trying to end any hope of affordable insurance for all Americans. Here’s just one tiny example of the needless suffering these assholes hope to make more widespread and more universal for millions of us:

(DailyKos) — The patient in the emergency department smelled of advanced cancer. It is the smell of rotting flesh, but even more pungent. You only ever have to smell it once. […] She had been bleeding irregularly, but chalked it up to “the change.” Peri-menopausal hormonal mayhem is the most common cause of irregular vaginal bleeding, but unfortunately not the only cause. […] She hadn’t gone to the doctor because she had no health insurance. The only kind of work she could get in a struggling rural community was without benefits. Her coat and shoes beside the gurney were worn and her purse from another decade. She could never afford to buy it on her own. She didn’t qualify for Medicaid, the local doctor only took insurance, and there was no Planned Parenthood or County Clinic nearby.

The article goes on at length about how this lady will probably die as her innards turn into rancid bloody bits and her life dribbles out in a slow, lingering, horrible death. She has one of the many thousands of serious diseases which can be treated, giving her a fighting chance, or at least preserving some small measure of physical comfort and personal dignity to the end. She just needs fairly routine, intermediate to long-term integrated care, the kind that would be immediately available in every other first world nation on earth and even a surprising number of third-world shitholes.

But no. Thanks to unbridled greed and institutional stupidity, we’re debating funding Planned Parenthood and Medicaid, even Medicare is shaky if these assholes have anything to say about it; that 100k you paid in for 40 years? Sorry, the zillionaire Koch whores wants your money, too! And forget about single payer or free clinics. Even though the ACA will save billions of dollars and give that women and millions like her a snowball’s chance in hell of a decent few remaining years, at no cost to the ultrawealthy jackasses of the world, no. Gosh, that’s just too big a fucking sacrifice to ask of billionaires like the Koch Brothers, because, someday, somehow, they might have to pay an extra point in taxes on their lavish eight figure incomes, or God Help Us All, spend what is for them pocket change making sure their many toxic products don’t end up in the thousands of food, water, and air supplies for millions of people.

They are evil, pure unadulterated evil.


  1. blindrobin says

    Aww don’t be so mean. The good Brothers Koch just want things to be like the “good ‘ole days”, kind of a cross between “Father Knows Best” (google it) and 15th century Europe. You know, like when Mummy and Dad were young and no one knew about unpleasant things like sex, colored folk and other peoples needs, because they just weren’t mentioned in polite conversation.

  2. erikf says

    Just a small point, there is no single “anti-christ”. An anti-christ is anyone that rejects Jesus as a divinity. The “beast” is what most people mean when they say anti-christ.

    As atheists we need to keep up the idea that we know more about the bible than the thumpers!

  3. kraut says

    I have no longer any sympathy for an US American populace that is unable in its majority to accept the concept of a socialized medicine. For fuck sakes, you idiots, socialized does not mean socialistic.
    The turning point to the full appreciation of the deep vein of ingrained lunacy in a substantial part of US citizenry came when I saw pictures of the nutters with their oxygen tubes dandling from their nostrils crouching in wheelchairs condemning the evils of “OBAMACARE” uuuuuhhhh

    Luckily I am living in Canada, were a double knee replacement does not break the bank or forces me to sell my house.
    But I have to hear from american idiots of a very high caliper the nastiness of the medical services system in Canada.
    No, it is not perfect, and it could be better…but utter woe to the politician who touches it and tries to change it substatnially to the worse of a privatized system.

    Keep telling those sad stories to yourself, but until a majority of your population stops equating medical care with socialistic evils, there is no hope for a country that is more interested in occupying other countries to mess them up than taking care of their own deep seated problems.

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