Super Tuesday results coming in: Big upset in TN & OK, OH in real play for Santorum

Results: AK, GAG, MAR , ND, OH, OKS, TNS, VTR, VAR
G=Gingrich, R=Romney, S=Santorum, the actual delegate math is horribly confusing.

Update 8:40PM Central: Huge upset may be in the making. Santorum is now up by 15K votes in OH with almost 30% in. Hard to see how Romney comes back, especially with Santorum wins in TN and OK indicating he will continue to outperform.

Update 8:25 PM Central: Santorum now speaking, up by 6k 7k 9k 12k votes in OH, with 27% in. I believe he’s going to take it or come so close it doesn’t matter. Now warming up Let’s All Go to the Lobby post.

Update 7:50 PM Central: TN and OK called for Santorum. Callista introduces Gingrich for his home state victory lap, the speech is tedious and the tweets are brutal; OMG the speech just will not end  OH has Romney up by about 6 points (The OH Gen site has Santorum UP by a few hundred votes). BTW, Santorum somehow totally fucked up his ability to claim delegates in several key OH districts, so it’s not clear what “winning” or “losing” there would mean for him.

Update 7:15 Central: Romney and Santorum neck and neck in OH, Santorum out in front solidly in TN and OK, but only about 3% in any of the three states reporting. Polls just closed in OK, TN, and MA (The latter called for Mittens). Ohio still too close to call. Exit polling shows 27% of OH voters made up their mind in the last few days and broke for Mittens by 11 points over Santorum. During that same time period Romney spent 12 million dollars in the battleground state to Santorum’s one million.

There are 10 states up for grabs, but not all candidates filed the correct paperwork to be in all 10 — yes, and these clowns want to run the United States.

Gingrich has been called the winner in Georgia, Romney bagged VA — the only other candidate in VA is Ron Paul — and VT. The biggest two contests are in Tennessee and Ohio. Romney needs to win both. Polls close there shortly.


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