Master of my own domain

I have a friend who enjoys working in the medium of wood. I can understand, there’s something about working with wood that seems to offer a Zen experience. Over the years he’s become quite good at it, in fact I would say at this point he’s an artist of sorts. Anyway, he’s making me a beautifully finished coffee table, shown above during construction, and when I looked underneath what signature did I see set skillfully into the Kos-orange, hand-crafted lacquer finish?

As a blogger I may not get tens of thousands of dollars for whoring out to industry, unlike some. But it’s a great trade-off in my view: I get to keep my dignity and, pardon the pun, literally remain master of my domain.


  1. operkins says

    With an admittedly perfunctory search, “cow creek coffee tables” didn’t turn up anything. Does “cow creek” relate to the tributary into Lake Travis?

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