If you made it this far, grats! Fabulous prizes await! Alas, new content on The Zingularity is not among the prizes as I will be standing in support with my cyber comrades on SOPA/PIPA. BTW, the Daily Kos idea was pretty cool. We put a stamp on the site that does not interfere, too much, with viewing and does not redirect to other sites, and used FOIA redaction formatting to drive it home.

Outside of that, please take this opportunity to visit other FTB sites. There’s a ton of them, I read everyone, every day, and learn something new and interestng every time; one of my fave daily reads and one of our best kept secrets imo is Hank Fox’s Blue Collar Athiest. I worked with Hank on another project years ago, he’s not only a terrific writer, he was among the first people to encourage me to blog, but who took the time to give key editorial/copy wrier tips and content devices which made me an immeasurably better writer almost overnight. Still not as good as he is though … :)

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