All I want for Christmas is more of this

There was a time when the GOP effectively hid their fealty for the robber-barons behind a facade of Jesus swaddled in small government patriotism. It worked for years. But alas, by 2008 those policies disintegrated, epic fail across the board, leaving foreign policy in paralyzed shambles and the national economy in tatters. From that point on the mask was off, the political hounds and media minions were unleashed to spread naked zombie lies and hatred, the real money behind this bizarre shit exposed:  a tiny sliver of zillionaire wackos obsessed with getting every last dime they can beg, borrow, or steal and exploit a populace not just devastated by those same ideas but who bailed the wealthy out of their own sinking ship. So, seeing them get their clocks cleaned was a nice holiday surprise:

(NYT) –For a full year, House Republicans have replaced governing with confrontations that they allow to reach the brink of crisis, only then making extreme demands in exchange for a resolution. On Thursday, that strategy crumbled.

We can have any kind of government we want. That’s what democracy means. What worries news junkies like us, the crux of democracy rests on informed voters; it’s no wonder some politicians and party’s work hard to misinform them. But that’s the realty. And so we’re treated to enormous, institutional idiocy, duplicity on every scale, and media complicity with the whole bewildering show every damn day of our middle-class lives.

Even during good times, it’s not easy to talk a quarter of the population into voting to give their dwindling piggy bank to greedy, repulsive  zillionaires. Over the last few years this has taken on the qualities of a performance art project. Mouthpieces talk about Obama’s birth certificate, love of Islamic terrorism, and his hatred of America, while he coolly gives the order to shoot bin Laden in the face.  Ignorant blabbermouths run on a platform of constitutional liberty and opposition to intrusive government, get into office, and start passing laws to strictly monitor and regulate our genitals, or making it illegal for government employees to freely assemble and negotiate pay and benefits with The State. The crazed base elevates one pampered millionaire candidate after another who literally cannot complete memorized talking points on camera without screwing up, and proclaims them brilliant. They blew trillions in war and tax cuts, cranked the deficit through the roof, and then had to borrow more to bail out their Wall Street patrons when deregulation led us away from the economic promised land and straight into a crisis of Biblical proportion; they really got up in the morning after all, were somehow able to look at themselves in the mirror, and ran on slaying “Obama’s Deficit Monster” on the backs of the same middle class taxpayers whose credit card they so recently enjoyed, all the while lecturing us on debt. They are irrational to say the least, borderline insane by some definitions, certainly Orwellian, at times macabre to behold, and at times chilling — especially when the underlying veins of tribal hatred and implied violence beat through the noise. 

This time around it didn’t work, as in blew up in their faces, a small serving of bitter justice from the heaping helping they deserve, exposing deep divisions in the GOP while unifying progressives. Best of all, the worst know-nothing faction of the GOP took the hit. The ones so seething with fury at imagined foes they are beyond all hope of reason. That’s the group that lost all kinds of credibility with middle class independents and even some Republicans. It’s not exactly the gift I would have chosen, but it’s the best one I’ve actually received in quite some time, here’s to hoping it keeps giving all year long.


  1. Randomfactor says

    I’ll wait to see whether their “do it or the country GETS it” strategy “didn’t work” this time.

    One of the first tests will be what Obama does with the Keystone decision.

  2. says

    It’s not so much job creators I hate, it’s failed job creators I dislike, especially when We the People have propped them up and bail them out to the tune of trillions of dollars and they still can’t seem to create the jobs. That’s rather spectacular epic fail.

  3. Reverend PJ says

    @1 The funny thing is that tax cuts that mean less outlay for me as a small business owner won’t make a single new job. What will make new jobs is if I have so much business that I need to hire people to meet demand. Find a way for people who’d like to give me money to do so, and if enough of them do so I can create a new job.

  4. Trebuchet says

    The problem is with the “job creators” is that they’re only creating jobs in China, or wherever they can find even lower labor costs. I’m looking at you, Walton family.

  5. tripencrypt says

    I wish I could write as succinctly as you have in this sentence.
    “There was a time when the GOP effectively hid their fealty for the robber-barons behind a facade of Jesus swaddled in small government patriotism.”

    Well done sir!

  6. RW Ahrens says

    The real problem is that the “job creators” aren’t the real job creators, but are the zillionares who have been soaking up all of the extra dollars available.

    Meanwhile, the REAL job creators are still unable to obtain the short-term loans they need to pay employees, stifling much of the country’s demand for products, which has resulted in this nasty death-spiral into recession that is so hard to climb out of.

  7. fastlane says

    I think your rant, while good, might be a bit optimistic. Unless you’ve seen something recently in the news that I missed (the NYT article you link?), I’m not sure the POG’s plan has backfired on a large enough scale to make a difference.

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