The last days … of 2011

No doubt lots of good happened to some folks this year, but over all 2011 kind of sucked in my book. Here’s just some of what could happen in 2012 to make it a much, much better year for all: The first completely earth-sized planet will be found orbiting in the habitable zone of a sun-like star. The Higgs Boson could be confirmed. The US space program will get a big shot in the arm from SpaceX and other newspace firms.

We can at last stop saying two-thousand and blank, and start saying twenty-twelve or whatever all through the teens. And last but not least, the economy could take off thanks in part to new inventions, from solar-cell paint for homeowners to orbiting power stations for a growing world. Dare we dream web developers will solve the seemingly intractable hung web page dilemma, or that Twitter will introduce a decent user interface? It’s worth hanging in there to find out, progressive comrades and assorted liberal fucksticks, because once the new year really gets going, and the corporate coffers are opened up like Scrooge’s plugged firehoses, 2012 may end up looking a lot less like 2008 and a lot more like 1995. Hopefully, without a conservative Bush-esque administration waiting at the end to fuck it all up.


  1. F says

    Hope in one hand and vote in the other…

    And try to reach people. Rinse, repeat. Good luck, everybody.

  2. KG says

    From your link on orbital solar power:

    Although space solar power is currently far from ready, requiring plenty of research and engineering (and thus funding) to become a reality anytime soon, the technology is feasible… given the existence of affordable launch vehicles and in-orbit support operations.

    IOW, fuggedaboudit. It’s not going to make a significant contribution for several decades, at best. That’s just too long.

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