Climatefluff 3 1/2


Great article, in Forbes of all places, about the latest hatchet job underway to portray climate scientists as evil cackling conspirators and the fossil fuel industry as feeble victims pilloried by infinitely powerful conspirators. I especially liked this part regarding FOI requests:

(Forbes) — First, FOI laws generally apply to official communication between government officials – not to private mails, and not to early drafts of research papers. That’s especially important to researchers, whose deepest fears involve publishing something that has a fundamental error in it – a fear that Wingnuts and, unfortunately, most journalists, seem immune to. They avoid this by first incubating ideas in private or in brainstorming sessions, then showing them to a few peers, testing them, refining them, and only then exposing them to the formal process of peer review. This is a grueling enough process without them having to justify their every utterance to some crackpot in the backwoods of Alabama who wants to talk about sunspots and the Apocalypse.


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