China to US: We know NOTHING about sat hacking

Landsat 7 shecmatic, similar to one of the satellites that may have been hacked

Officials have responded to a story leaked from a NASA report last week about a satellite that was hacked, and speculations of Chinese involvement:

Speaking at a news briefing today, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said claims that China was behind the hacks, which occurred in 2007 and 2008, are “untrue.” The spokesman added, according to Reuters, which attended the briefing, that China is “also a victim of hacking attacks and will oppose any form of cybercrime, including hacking.”

Watts Watch: Ira Glickstein, liar or scare-crow?

Results from the Berkeley Earth project data fits existing NASA and NOAA temperature records like a glove

I told you so! Writing at Watts Up With That, Ira Glickstein — excuse me, Doctor Glickstein as he conspicuously attached a Ph. D. to his user name — eagerly sleds right down the slippery slope I mentioned yesterday to conflate snow with evidence against global warming. [Read more…]

Hubble spys supermassive center of Milky Way

This NASA Hubble Space Telescope infrared mosaic image represents the sharpest survey of the Galactic Center to date.

You’re staring straight into the churning heart of our Milky Way galaxy, right through the “teapot” in the constellation Sagittarius, as revealed by infrared light and Mr Hubble’s Space Telescope. Click image for HST homepage. Image description below the fold. [Read more…]

Moonie Times lies about future of NASA

I could smell bullshit the moment this headline popped up in my news stories: Obama Prepares to Blast NASA! What followed was a meandering screed in the Washington Times by Robert Zubrin about unmanned planetary science missions, and the evil ursurper sitting in the Oval Office who was secretly scheming to end it all. I guess it should come as no surprise that Rev Moon’s propaganda rag was fabricating and spreading more wingnut whoppers: [Read more…]