China to US: We know NOTHING about sat hacking

Landsat 7 shecmatic, similar to one of the satellites that may have been hacked

Officials have responded to a story leaked from a NASA report last week about a satellite that was hacked, and speculations of Chinese involvement:

Speaking at a news briefing today, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said claims that China was behind the hacks, which occurred in 2007 and 2008, are “untrue.” The spokesman added, according to Reuters, which attended the briefing, that China is “also a victim of hacking attacks and will oppose any form of cybercrime, including hacking.”


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    Bwhaha. You bet there ass they hacked that shit.

    Step 1: Go to wiki leaks

    Step 2: Search for old empires beginning in “B”

    Step 3: Profit

    (can’t make it too easy)

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