New polls show Obama leading Romney solidly, blowing other top contenders away

Via Daily Kos, a new poll conducted by TIME/ABT SRBI has a ton of great info. But the most surprising was it shows Obama with a solid lead over Mitt Romney, and the President leaving GOP primary contenders Herman Cain and Rick Perry in the dust:

Obama: 48
Romney: 44

Obama: 50
Cain: 38

Obama: 51
Perry: 40


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    It’s still a frikkin year away… Polls mean nothing at this stage. Wait for the 2012 October surprise, and then we might have an indication (although I hope it remains Obama).

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    Oh, and 4 points isn’t really a “solid lead” when the error is +/- 3% or so (generally what these polls are, right?).

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I think it’s too early and a bit overly optomistic. :) Not that there is anythinbg wrong with that.


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