Hank Williams Jr. is a freakin idiot

And that’s saying it nicely. Hank Williams Jr., is a fucking idiot is more like it. Apparently this morning on Fox and Friends Williams went full Godwin:

They’re the enemy! Obama! And Biden! Are you kiddin’ me, the Three Stooges!” So there you have it: Obama is both the modern incarnation of Hitler and also Moe, and Joe Biden is double-timing it as Larry and Curly.

Here’s the thing about Godwin: there are times when assholes hide fascist behavior behind it. There are times when comparing someone to Hitler is fully warranted. It’s just that taxing billionaires at the same rate secretaries pay is not one of those times. Requiring insurance companies to cover childrens’ preexisting conditions isn’t exactly on par with cooking millions of men, women and children down to ash in industrial human kilns.

A lot of iconic images come to mind when Hitler is brought up, but harmless slapstick comedy is not one of them. Maybe Williams watched too much Hogan’s Heroes growing up, where Nazi’s were depicted as lovable bunglers, I dunno. But a person cannot be a genocidal monster and an adorable comedic legend at the same time. Williams got booted off of ESPN and imo he absolutely deserved it.


  1. scenario says

    So he’s an idiot. Its quite common in america. Fox network is full of them. I’ll miss Are you ready for some football.

  2. 386sx says

    I never liked his music. I went along and pretended like I did because everyone else (purportedly) liked it. They didn’t like his dad but they liked him. That’s how it usually went. Me, I liked his dad but didn’t like him, all the while pretending the opposite (i.e. that I liked him but not his dad.)


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