The Morning Joe clown show

Morning Joe is MSNBC’s morning cable news program hosted by and named for former congressman Joe Scarborough, (FL 1 – R). It’s a conservative based program forced on us purportedly progressive viewers by MSNBC executive asshat Phil Griffin. Griffin’s other management epiphanies include driving off the network’s highest rated host Keith Olbermann and banning Daily Kos blogger Markos Moulitsas from the network.

I can’t watch it for more than a few minutes without either turning it off or turning to Twitter to ridicule the program. It’s usually a bunch of concern trolling by Scarborough and Buchanan and the rest of the conservative gang, with occasional flashes of decency by progressive guests. Just one example, yesterday or the day before I “learned” via Morning Joe that Warren Buffett is actually a fiend, which usually means some kind of despicable manic driven madman. In the same segment Scarborough and crew couldn’t praise their arch rival Roger Ailes from Fox News enough. Yeah, according to Scar, his network’s greatest threat is a stellar fella, but a self-made billionaire investor is a deranged mental case.

And we know why, it’s because Roger Ailes’ promotes conservative ideology on his right-wing cable news network and Warren Buffett had the nerve to actually point out that GOP economic tax policy not only wasn’t working, but taxes him less on his billions than his secretary pays on her thousands. Buffett is advising politicians to raise his taxes and those in his billionaire class so that they pay the same rate as secretaries making orders of magnitude less, and what a surprise, it turns out according to the Daily Kos & SEIU Public Policy Poll that advice is a full blown, genuine, bipartisan popular idea:

Q: Do you support or oppose ensuring that people who make over a million dollars a year pay the same percentage of taxes or more on their total income as those who make less than a million dollars a year?
Support: 73
Oppose: 16
Not sure: 11

Clearly this fiendish madman must be stopped!

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