John Cole nails it

More accurately, John Cole fucking nails it:

How do you have a sensible policy debate with people who reject basic facts? It’s like trying to debate members of a cargo cult- the modern GOP carry the crosses but have no idea what it means to be christian. They talk about free markets, but have no understanding of economics. Just say deregulate and tax cuts a lot, and MAGIC WILL HAPPEN. Evolution? LIES! Climate change? LIES! Modern Medicine and vaccines? LIES! KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY MEDICARE!

So true. They’ve been vaccinated against reality. The modern dominionist right isn’t just demonstrably dead wrong on just about everything I can think of, they’re absolutely convinced they’re right. And a sizable chunk of them are complete assholes about it. They’ll sneer at expertise, roll their eyes at empirical facts, hold events in recent history in contempt, all while parroting the latest ginormous whopper with a wild-eyed certainty and abrasive arrogance rarely found outside of the most fanatical religious cults.

The tragedy is the movement and celebrities they support with such fanaticism exploit them like no other. The Sarah Palin’s and Newt Gingrich’s who pretend to run for office so as to fleece the very people who defend them vigorously against those of us trying to pry the marks free of wingnut grifters and religious fraudsters. I can only wonder what future historians will make of it.


  1. eoleen says

    “rarely found outside of the most fanatical religious cults.”

    Yes… Don’t you understand??? These people are NOT rational. They are so far around the bend that they can’t see it from where they are. They are simply spouting the content of their religion – the mantra of gopism.

    Unlike the people who discover really weird things such as super-luminal neutrinos…

    No, you can’t debate with them: they are completely ignorant of what it means to debate. Their religion is such that they are completely immune to any form of rational discourse.

    Don’t even bother to try to talk to them. I don’t, and it has worked wonders for my blood pressure.

  2. says

    What would rather do: nail it or win elections? Laugh all you want at Palin and Gingrich laughing all the way to the bank. The people reading their books don’t feel fleeced, and they vote. Elections matter, nailing it doesn’t.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    The Sarah Palin’s and Newt Gingrich’s who pretend to run …

    Y’know, things are gonna get real ugly when the Apostrophe Police catch up with you…

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