The Gospel of Rick Perry

I’m so conflicted. He’s such a ridiculous character by the standards of the oval office it’s hard not to have fun with him. And of course one never knows how much of Rick Perry’s rhetoric to take seriously and what is mere political stagecraft. Maybe he’s not an arrogant, ignorant clown who got lucky. But if he believes even half of it we could be in for a very bad ride. Here we have a nice article about how Perry the rural farmer is actually a millionaire (No surprise) and became one while he was in office, again not a shock:

Since his first race for office more than a quarter-century ago, Gov. Rick Perry has emphasized his roots as a rural farmer. Yet Perry’s bank account no longer reflects those humble beginnings as his bottom line has soared in recent years, records show, thanks largely to a handful of real estate deals that critics allege were achieved through the presidential candidates’ political connections. In just about every campaign Perry has run since 1989, allegations of his using his position for financial gain have come up.

The article above by the Miami-herald is well worth reading. It introduces readers to the major financial and political events in Perry’s career, some of which may come under intense scrutiny in the months ahead. It’s going to be awesome sauce.


  1. stevarious says

    It beggars the mind, doesn’t it? Somehow, he’s supposed to be such a skilled money manager that he became a millionaire all on his own, WHILE he was busy being governor. And yet, Texas has the biggest economic crisis in it’s history. If he is REALLY that good with money, then you can only conclude one of two things: 1) That skill with money in the private sector does not equal at all ability to politically manage an economy, or 2) That he bankrupted Texas on purpose.

    Which is it, Perry fans?

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