Holidays With Crys: A Lesson in Pizza

Travelling with Italians often means that food is going to be central to your trip. As far as I’m concerned, tasting as many different things in whichever place I’m visiting is the best and most fascinating part of my journey. This is why, when my friends from other countries visit Rome, I always give them a Roman pizza tour.  There are three basic kinds of pizza here, I tell them, which are very different from each other and all worth trying. There is pizza tonda, pizza al taglio and pizza da forno. My suggestions of the best places to eat each of these kinds of pizza is, of course, influenced by the areas I grew up in, and some of the people who grew up in Rome who are reading this might have different and equally delicious pizza places to suggest. However, I wholly stand by my recommendations.

So, what are these three basic pizza types?

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