Animal Video Mondays

Before I joined my lab, they used to have a tradition called TGI Friday cake. When they wanted to bring it back, I proposed it should actually be Consolation Monday cake.

One of the reasons is a purely selfish one, in that I am far more likely to have the time to bake cake over the weekend. The second is that I never understood extra celebrations for Friday. We already love Fridays, Friday is awesome all on its own. Mondays are the ones that suck balls. Isn’t it better to bring a little extra sweetness and joy to a day which is a drag, to brighten it up a bit?

In that spirit, I’m introducing cute/fun/funny animal videos to brighten up your Mondays a little bit.

I’m sure you’ve all seen shower rat by now, as it has taken the internet by storm. The problem is, that rat is not a rat, and its not enjoying its shower at all, so all in all that video is actually something of a bummer. Instead, I’d like to share a video of rats which are actually enjoying themselves. Meet spaghetti rat


Who probably tuckered himself out for being so smart and doing all his awesome little rat tricks


Rats get a lot of shit, but they are fantastic little creatures