1. says

    And I assume since that was a “research paper” that it was not a class on writing or literature. When a writing teacher goes off on you, that’s really bad.

  2. blf says

    When a writing teacher goes off on you, that’s really bad.

    I don’t recall the precise class subject, but one course I took including a great deal of fictional writing. The teacher was not very happy with my handwriting, observing my papers were amongst the most difficult to read, and rather firmly suggested I work on my penmanship. What I did, when circumstances allowed, was to type my work instead (this was back in the days of real typewriters (I think I borrowed mom’s electric unit), no computers &tc here). The teacher was Ok with this, but then observed my work was perhaps the most difficult to grade, as it was so eccentric (her words).

    I can only vaguely recall some of that work now. One assignment was to write a short story about trade unions; mine was from the point-of-view of a loom during the Luddite movement. (From memory, and not knowing any better at the time, I portrayed the Luddites as opposed to all technology (a common misnomer).) Paraphrasing from memory, the teacher, who had a sense of humor, verbally asked “What was the typewriter smoking?” — but wrote something much blander on the paper itself.

  3. siwuloki says

    blf @2 – in my sophomore year I was required to write a paper – subject long forgotten. I crafted what I thought was the most brilliant piece of literature ever produced, proudly turned it in expecting an exemplary grade. What I got back was graded C+ with the note: too esoteric. It felt at the time like a kick in the teeth, but at least it improved my vocabulary. I had to look up “esoteric”.

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