What A Mess

I was on a rollercoaster ride these past two weeks, and not just because I was monstrously sick.

The weekend before the elections, it came to my attention that there were massive anti-fascism protests all across Italy. In a period of time in which all I heard coming out of my country is hateful and racist rhetoric, I was overjoyed to hear that all was not lost, and that these protests attracted thousands of progressive people who still live in Italy, and who believe that racism and fascism is incompatible with our Constitution and democracy.

Then, the elections happened.

You might remember the dire predictions that I made in the run up of these elections, where I predicted the triumphant return of the Bunga-Bunga in chief. What actually happened was both better and much worse than I thought. On the better side, it looks like the country has a better memory for who was responsible for this mess than I thought they would, and Berlusconi’s party actually did quite poorly. Also on the better side Liberi e Uguali (Free and Equal), the progressive party that I supported managed to break the 3% barrier, and thus will have a spot (albeit a small one) in Parliament, and good for them.

On the worse side, the Five Star Movement is the party that got the most votes, which shows me that Italians either did not get the message of their gross incompetence, or they simply don’t care and want to burn the whole country to the ground in the hopes of stirring the pot.

On the much, much worse side, Matteo Salvini’s Lega Nord had a very good showing, actually getting more votes than Berlusconi. That is worse, because Matteo Salvini is so horrifically racist that up until this recent election he was seen as a national joke rather than a serious candidate (remind you of anyone?). He also believes that the euro is a “crime against humanity”, and that douchey little neckbeards are the way to go in modern day politics. Unfortunately, the racism is still embarassingly strong in my homeland.

Of course, given the fact that there are now three major parties in Italy with one of them whose claim to fame is not forming coalitions with anyone, there is still no consensus nor acting goverment in Italy at this time. Apart from this update, I do not plan on bringing this up again. So, if you want to ask me about how it’s going, or my thoughts on the matter, or make fun of me for the shambles that my country is in, the comments section of this post is where to do that. Other than that, I plan on thinking and writing about other things, because this is just too depressing for me right now.


  1. says

    I don’t think anyone has any high ground from which to make fun of anyone for the shambles their country is in, especially the Americans on this site.

    I’m a Canadian who is enjoying governments that largely represent me at both the federal and – for the first time in my life – provincial levels – but I can see the racist and misogynistic backlashes to both of these and how angry the right wing gets when they’re not in power. Despite the provincial government having brought the economy back from recession, the likelihood is that our next election is going to bring in our most regressive government yet.

    This is a problem that is happening through much of the world right now and I’m scared it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better again.

  2. malefue says

    Well, no good news here in Austria either, the conservatives (ÖVP) have once again helped the proto-fascists (FPÖ) into government. The first time they did that in 2000 half of their ministers were prosecuted for corruption and some even went to jail. At the same time the Greens failed to get into the National Council for the first time in almost 30 years, so there’s no parliamentary left-wing remaining… It seems fear-mongering works equally well on Austrians as any other people.
    Who would have thought 10 years ago that people like Merkel and Macron (centrist corporatist Conservatives) would be considered relatively progressive in 2018?

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