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I mentioned a few days ago that it was my childhood dream to become a marine biologist. So, when the Underwater Photography Awards come out, I jump in it. I love the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards too, but these pictures touch me on a different level.

I’m sure I would suck at being a judge though, as I think I can’t focus on the photographic skill nearly enough, rather reveling in the focus of the picture itself.


For example, this year’s winner for Underwater Photographer of the Year is Tobias Friedrich, whose winning photo was of a WWII submerged truck carrying motorcycles.


Yep, I get it. That’s a pretty cool picture. But, biology nerd that I am, I wouldn’t have picked it. My favorites?

I loved the Up & Coming Photographer of the Year winner’s submission, for example, which was called ROAR

Which I would have called something along the lines of “Ooooh look at the cute nudibranchs hanging out on the OHMYGOD THERE’S A MORAY BEHIND YOU SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!”


Nudibranchs did make a strong showing this year, but of course, as they are some of the most spectacularly weird creatures of the seas. But there were some other friendly faces in there too. Like this runner-up for the Macro category

Oooh I recognize you! And if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you should recognize him too.


Eee that’s a blenny and it looks like a little alien I love it.


I also think that I would suck at judging because I harp on the names of the photographs a little too much. For example, this one was called “Unusually Parked Car”

The judges go on about the golden color and all that, whereas call me a TV addict all you want, but my first thought was “erm maybe the title should be more like “Are We Sure There’s Not a Body or Two in the Trunk? Call the Police”


This photo was called “In Hiding”

Yes, OK, juveline trevally often hide temporarily in jellyfish, but based on the look on its face, I’m thinking the title to be more along the lines of “Oow ow FUCKING OW go away so I can get this thing off me fucking OOWW!”


OK, I give up, I love them all.

What about you? Any favorites in particular?


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