Is There A Badge For Business Genius?

I’m a little behind on my TYT episodes, so this story is a little old, but I had to share it because I love it.


If you can’t watch the video right now, here’s the gist


I’m sure you are aware of the Girl Scouts, and that one of the most famous tasks of the Girl Scouts is to sell excellent cookies to raise money for their troop, and that the scout that raises the most gets a prize. So, one enterprising young girl decided to place her cookie stand outside of a marijuana dispensary.

She sold over 300 boxes of cookies in under 6 hours. She’s a genius. She’s my hero.

Apparently, this story also sparked outrage, because despite pot being legalized in many states, there is still this prudish attitude towards pot acceptance into society.

To that, I say pfft. Selling cookies outside of a dispensary is just smart, it does not make her more likely to smoke pot. If the Girl Scouts were famous for selling brie instead of cookies, and one girl decided to sell it outside a winery, this would not have been mentioned at all. It just shows me that the States still has a long way to go when it comes to marijuana, regardless of the strides taken in legalization. Ironically, I think that pot is more socially acceptable in countries where it is still technically illegal, like Germany or Italy, than it is in the States.

Anyway, give that girl a badge for her efforts. Hell, give her two. She deserves to be praised, not maligned, for her savvy.


  1. says

    American society would applaud her if she did a leveraged buyout of some small business and fired everyone so she could pocket the profits. She’d be a capitalist heroine, then. As a civilization, we have some really messed up values.

    At least she didn’t bomb anyone. At this point, that’s my baseline excuse for Americans.

  2. wereatheist says

    pot is more socially acceptable in countries where it is still technically illegal, like Germany
    At least, it used to be. My social bracket (physics students, and grad students) used pot a lot in the mid-90s.
    I stopped because I stopped smoking (tobacco).
    But I did not stop drinking beer a lot, which is more dangerous.

  3. chigau (違う) says

    Do you Americans know that your country is completely fucked?
    Shouldn’t “young” “Turks” be, like, y’know, young?

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      Not sure why you are opposed to the word dispensary, but as for the young turks, its a play on words because the term means “a young person eager for radical change to the established order”, and the original founder is Turkish. Other than that, Cenk founded it 20-some years ago, so maybe give him a break they all got older 😉

  4. wereatheist says

    Pot is still illegal in Germany. About 1997, there was a moon eclipse I wanted to watch so I climbed to the roof in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Besides having a good look on one copper-dyed celestial body, I noticed a plantation of sorts which the hippies on the streetside had going. Lotsa pot in plastic pots. Today, the cops’ ‘copters would probabely detect this.

  5. says

    Smart girl, she will go far in life.

    I wonder if anyone has actually done a study of kids that did entrepreneurial things at a young age, and what became of them?

    Didn’t Buffet have a lot of money making ideas as a kid as well?

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