Holidays With Crys: Natural Beauty

On day two of our American adventure, we decided to take in the natural beauty of the Pacific NW, and really this area has a lot to offer. With only one day, we had to pick just one place to see and explore. Pur first choice would have been to drive up to Anacortes and take a whale watching tour that also takes you around the San Juan Islands. I did it once as a kid and I’ll never forget that experience. Unfortunately the boats were all booked up, so we had to go to plan B.

Another possibility was to go to Mount Reiner, take a cable car up and have lunch in a resort with an excellent view, but in the end we decided to go to Snoqualmie Falls.

There is a trail that leads from Salish Lodge down to the river below. It’s a short and easy trail, not even 1km, and so it was worth it to really feel immersed in the natural setting.


After hanging out on the rocks and taking a very cautious wade in the river, we headed back up and had lunch in the Attic of Salish Lodge. The food is pricey but excellent, so totally worth it given the junk food we’re going to end up eating along the way.

Many people know the US gor it’s big cities and towering constructions, and so they don’t realize how much of the States is preserved for it’s natural beauty. It’s so different from the nature that you see on other continents that I think it is the most interesting and wonderful part of the States o visit, and so we are planning on doing a lot more of it on our meandering way down South.



  1. Daniel Williams says

    When you hit California and want to make another day trip, I highly recommend going to Yosemite through Lee Vining. One possibility: stay in a hotel in or near Lee Vining, get up early to see the sun rise over the very weird Mono Lake, have breakfast at the gas station (it’s actually very good food), then drive up Tioga Pass to Toulome Meadows. Grab some lunch bits at the grocery store, then pick literally any trail within walking distance. Every inch of Toulome is spectacular, it’s the better part of Yosemite that most folks don’t see.

    Muck about and make it back down Tiago Pass before nightfall, and you’re good to go to continue south to Urban California, or east to Nevada.

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