The Fail Made It Fun

Another great find thanks to IFLScience.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had fun playing around with AI, ever since I was a teenager and I discovered that you could play 20 questions against your own computer. Of course AI has progressed enormously since then, and some of the recent stories have been utter fails. Do you remember that bot designed to mimick real people on Twitter, which eventually turned into a foaming-at-the-metaphorical-mouth racist? Well, this story is in a similar vein, though a bit more fun IMO.

Apparently, some people decided to invent a bot that could invent endless numbers inspirational posters at the click of a mouse. You know the kind I mean, a calming image with some sort of pseudo-profundity written over it, the self-help books of the meme world if you will. It’s called Inspirobot, and anyone can follow that link and make some inspirational posters for themselves.

What is funny is that Ispirobot seems to have gone a little… well… dark. It’s even more funny because I can’t understand how it happened. With the Twitter bot I know exactly why it happened: it’s aim was to learn from other Twitter users how to sound more human, and as we all know, Twitter has a particularly bad infestation of racist trolls. In this case I have no idea, and I don’t really care.

IFLScience gave a few examples of the kinds of things that Inspirobot has been producing.

And while these are hilarious, I had to test this out for myself. Can I really get Inspirobot to get weird without spending hours clicking on the generate button?


At first, the inspirational posters were just jibberish, though admittedly amusing jibberish.

Yup, I have no idea what that means.

That’s great to know! Thanks Inspirobot! But wait… I do have a projector… so does that mean I can’t get into heaven or what? Is it like the camel passing through the eye of a needle thing?


Oooh so close Inspirobot! There were so many nouns that would have worked there! But you went with balding men… OK that’s fine.

After only a few more clicks, it started to take the dark turn I was looking for.


Be a stalker. xoxo Inspirobot


The fires of Hell really sells the message, don’t they?

But wait, it got darker than this.


Just a projector though, amirite?


Hmm, I know a few people who would flippantly agree with that statement. But wait, my personal favorite…


Bwuaaahahahaha! I don’t even really know what that means, but obviously it’s true! The skeleton really sells it though, I must say.

Think you can get one that’s even funnier, or darker? Comments are open to submissions, so long as you also post the link when you generated it… I have a feeling that some of the submissions from the comments of IFLScience were human made.


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