And I Know It Worries You

The recent comments of a Polish politician on women’s rights has been spread far and wide on the internet today. My favorite format, however, is this video which includes a direct response from a Spanish MEP.


I like this video because her response is the thing that you have to keep in mind when confronting someone who is so brazenly, unabashedly misogynistic. It is very similar to those who are brazenly, unabashedly xenophobic. They are the ones that feel small, weak and inadequate. They are the ones that, deep down inside, know that they will not make the cut if they are subjected to fair and open competition with women or immigrants. People who are confident in their abilities and their strengths do not bother arguing against opening up the workplace and giving others opportunities to compete, because they do not fear being out-competed. But people, especially men, who deep down know that they don’t match up reject this feeling, lash out, and reassure themselves that at least the virtue of their body parts from birth puts them above other people, and that they will always be superior to someone.

I say especially men not because I think that men are more likely to be assholes, but because men are also victims of a patriarchal society in this case. There is a lot more pressure put on boys to be strong, to show no fear, to become breadwinners. It is for this reason that I think that men are more likely to lash out in the face of their inner feelings of inadequacy. Luckily fewer and fewer boys are being raised in this antiquated mentality, and hopefully people like this will become an old relic of the past. I simply bring it up because it needs to be repeated: men are hurt by patriarchal societies too, just in different ways. Let’s do away with it then, shall we? And those who bleat be damned.


  1. quotetheunquote says


    Thanks for posting this, it had somehow got past me when it was new news (I’m in Canada – when you’re living next to an entire country on fire, it can be kind of hard to notice a house fire an ocean away.) I do like the response of Sra. Garcia Perez – she’s clear, to the point, and completely steers clear of ad hominems. That would have been hard to do.

    Myself, I would have found that very hard to do – I would have probably said something like “you’re a frail, doddering, old man – by your logic, any of the crew who picks up the garbage on my street each week should make more money than you do.” Yes, I would have been wrong to do so – I hate ageism (and have good reason to!) – but that’s why Sra. Garcia Perez is a member of parliament, and I am not.

    KM – Most of the world is “backwards?” – compared to whom? I defy you to point out any part of the world that does not contain “backwords.”

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