I Can Relate

I now live in a country with much shorter summers and generally colder weather than where I grew up. Because of this, when we do have the occasional unseasonably warm day, I am happy in a tentative way. Actually, this comic perfectly summarizes my reaction on these days.




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    I feel the same way. It was 70 out here last friday – in February, when it’s normally in the mid 20s(F). I thought “how nice!” and then I worried about the seeds that may begin mistakenly germinating. And then I worried that they weren’t mistaken.

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    No, child. The earth is not dying. It’s just going to kill us and live happily ever after until the sun blows up.
    February has been warmer than usually as it is often a month when you get a cold spell before spring breaks. But January was cold in comparison to the last ones, which probably means it was “average”.

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    I probably do…
    There’s another joke in that strain:
    Two planets meet in space. Says one to the other “Wow, what’s the matter with you, you look terrible!” Says the other “I got homo sapiens.” Replies the first: “Don’t worry, I had that once, too. It’s pretty bad for a while but it will pass.”

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