Bring Ratzinger Back

It is official. I miss the old Pope, and I want him back.

That may seem like an odd statement coming from a liberal SJW atheist. I mean, we all know that this new Pope is miles more liberal than the old one, right? Sure, we’d all rather there be no Vatican at all, but given the situation, better a liberal Pope than one firmly stuck in the dark ages, right?

Well, I thought that at first, but now I think I’ll take Ratzinger over this new guy any day.

Regular readers will know of the way that the Vatican is trying to evict elderly people and families out of their homes in an attempt to make even more money on their tens of thousands of tax free, private properties in Italy, my own Grandmother included. It was during this personal struggle in my family that I finally realized how much harder all of our battles against the institution of the Vatican has become, and how much better it was to have that old fart who looked like evil incarnate in charge.

Pope Francis has been a marketing genius, there is no mistaking that. He hired a Fox News correspondent to head his PR campaign, who also happens to be a member of the extreme Catholic sect Opus Dei, something in direct contrast to his liberal media persona to begin with. But Greg Burke has been earning his paycheck and then some, and the whole world is enthralled.

But when it comes right down to it, what has really changed with this new Pope in charge? Other than washing a few feet of some Syrian refugees, and kissing a few terminally ill children?

The fact is, the giant eviction of the elderly in Rome, which begun under Ratzinger, is still going on.

The sheltering of pedophile priests and cardinals so that they do not have to face their accusers, is still going on.

Outside of the media spotlight, he is even ramping up the extreme faction of the Catholic church, like increasing the number and legitimizing exorcists and exorcisms, agreeing that there is an international crisis in dire need of such nonsense.

But when you try to point this out to people?

I see people like my Mother, or my friends. I am an atheist, and so I’m just being confrontational, when I criticize the new Pope. He’s wonderful, he’s doing his best to combat the corruption in the Vatican, they tell me. Surely he doesn’t personally know that the archbishop, that he appointed and brought with him from Argentina, is personally making regular harassing visits to my Grandmother, trying to convince her to clear out so that they can make more rent on her apartment. If he knew, he’d put a stop to it! No, I’m just being annoying, I wouldn’t like any Pope, let’s just let this guy do his job, he’s wonderful, did you see that picture of him kissing the dirty feet of that Muslim guy?

This is why I want Ratzinger back. Nobody liked that douchebag. Catholic attendance was plummeting across the world, it was becoming old-fashioned and lame, the picture of corruption, and Ratzinger was the ugly jewel bedecked face of it all. He was honest about being a nasty bastard, and he was a common enemy that atheists and Catholic sympathizers alike could fight.

But Pope Francis? Catholic attendance is back up, despite the fact that the Vatican is not cleaning up their act in any real way. And when sexual abusers are sheltered, it must be a fluke, or Pope Francis had to make a small concession to the other cardinals for the greater good. When they evict people from their homes to make even more cash than they already make, it’s just an oversight, and he’ll put a stop to it all once we write him enough letters and make him aware of the problem. There is nothing to see here, no real problem that is not on its merry way to being fixed.

I’m sick of it. I’m sick of watching the wool being pulled over everyone’s eyes, and no one standing up to fight for transparency, and for what is right. I’m sick of this complacency that his perfect PR image is causing, that no one can dare criticize what is going on less it goes against the angelic narrative that everyone has bought into.

Bring back Ratzinger. He may have been a crafty old SOB, but at least he was bringing the trend of Catholic attendance, Vatican support and confidence in the right direction: straight down the toilet.


  1. StevoR says


    Plus Cardinal Pell, accused rapist and coverer-upper of sex crimes and abuse still hasn’t been sent home to face the music TRIGGER WARNING


    Francis, Raztinger, whoever, when will the Catholic Church, the Pope actually do something about this and actually be honest, end the cover-ups and crimes and downright efffin’ evil?

    * I may have heard /shared this ‘Come Home Cardinal Pell’ Tim Minchin song here before but, anyhow, it never gets old for me.

  2. hotshoe_ says

    Sorry about your grandmother’s unfair situation, doubly unfair that your other family and friends don’t see that as plenty good reason to stand up to Nice-Looking Papa. Sorry, I wish there were something I could do or say to help … I don’t understand Catholic believers at all, despite being raised in a Catholic family. My mom got herself out of the church (with permanent emotional scars), and I completely fail to understand why everyone else did not. So, no advice, but sympathy for you and the ones you care for. Hang in there! He won’t live forever. 🙂

  3. secondtofirstworld says

    On the other hand, Ratzinger taking back power Medici style would be a “sign” for French Catholic voters who already back Front Nationale to urge everyone to vote for Le Pen, followed by Wilders. There wouldn’t be a kissed refugee feet as he would argue against compassion against otherly believers, and he was in the Hitlerjugend, despite denying it, and he actively swept the sexual scandal under the rug.

    It isn’t good or fair, what happens to your family, but a more conservative pope at this point better be a joke on late night TV, not in reality.

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      But has the liberal rhetoric and refugee feet-kissing actually swayed anybody? When the Pope spoke his lefty words in front of Congress in the States, it did absolutely nothing to sway the Catholic right in the States, they merely disagreed completely with the Pope on TV and barely fell short of calling him a Commie. The Catholic right across the globe have made it clear that it is perfectly OK to disagree with the Pope and that is not the same as questioning his fallibility, something that was never brought up or allowed when there was a far right Pope in power. Personally, I do not see any evidence of people being swayed away from their right wing mentality by the media persona of Pope Francis, and populist alt righters are being voted for all over the place regardless. The only thing I see happening is people who had distanced themselves from the church because of people like Ratzinger suddenly going back to mass. Of course I may be wrong, I am open to more evidence, but from what I have seen so far, I don’t see enough upsides to having this new Pope in power.

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