Now For Some Silly Inventions

Regular readers will know that I like to post videos about various different inventions, usually involving something that either reduces waste or tackles a particular environmental problem. My facebook feed seems to have cottoned on to this, and so I will now often find short videos about inventions as “suggested posts”, in addition to the ones that are posted be friends or pages I follow.

Of course, not all inventions are created equally, and so I wanted to post a couple that I feel may have missed the mark by just a tad. These are the two inventions that I have found most baffling when perusing my facebook feed.

The first one, in my opinion, falls straight into the category of #FirstWorldProblems. It popped up under the description: “Tag someone who hates water!”


Are we being serious right now? There are enough people in the developed world who “hate” water enough for such a cup to be invented? Clean water is pretty much the only thing in the world that you have to consume to survive, millions of people across the world still do not have access to it, and yet enough people have become so thoroughly addicted to sugar that they need to trick their brains into thinking that normal water has flavor in order to drink enough of it. People all the way from Flint to Somalia feel your plight, I’m sure.

Next up: funny colored masks to put over your nose and mouth to trick your brain into thinking that you’re breathing in flavored air.

While I find that invention to be superfluous, and perhaps a bit counterproductive in helping people kick a bad sugar addiction by normalizing “hating water”, the second invention I want to share with you is just plain silly. So silly, in fact, that I have serious doubts that such a product actually exists, and I suspect (or perhaps hope) that it is just a ploy to make the video go viral. Either way, it has popped up in my feed a good 4 times now, so let’s all have a laugh at it anyway.


Hey cat lovers! Have you ever really wanted to lick your cat clean?

Ehm no. No I have not. Then again, I’m not really a cat lover. I don’t hate them or anything, I just don’t have any interest in owning one. Still, I think that the moment you feel the urge to purchase a giant rubber tongue and follow your cat around the house in an attempt to lick its head, maybe you’ve gone a little over the top. Perhaps start with asking yourself who owns who in this relationship.

So, those are my two silly inventions for today! Do you guys have any other contenders for silliest invention?


  1. Lofty says

    A warm lightly moistened towelette seems to do the job of cleaning dirt off the Pudding Tats quite nicely. Elsewhise, fingers and soft brushes do for a bit of grooming.

  2. Arctic Ape says

    Traditionally, pussy-pleasing toys had to be marketed as humor products. Now, after sexual liberation and internet cat culture revolution, humor products are marketed as pussy-pleasing toys.

  3. Arctic Ape says

    In afterthought, I apologize for introducing myself in this blog with a lewd joke. I’ve been lurking here with some interest, generally don’t comment much on blogs.

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      You’re on a blog with “shameless” in the description. Lewd jokes are nothing to apologize for here, so long as they are not racist or sexually demeaning!

  4. Arctic Ape says

    Thanks, I was mainly just thinking I should maybe first introduce myself or something.

    I thought the rubber tongue might have market primarily as a “novelty” product and was probably intended as such.

    I also thought *cough* that it might interest some people who are into human animal roleplay.

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