Where Am I?

Oh dear. I have been away for a while haven’t I? Technically, my last post was last year, and that is entirely my fault.

These past few days have been a whirlwind. I had a bunch of documents to sort out in Italy, and then I flew back to Germany on the 29th. That was just enough time to find out that there was a mass backing out of my New Years party, so spur of the moment found my boyfriend and I driving out to a massive Syrian New Years party instead. Two days later, I was up at 3am to drive down to Frankfurt for an embassy visit, and by lunch time I was back at work, discovering that the Xmas holidays are in fact far too short and I am massively behind on my work, including a review I need to finish, and that I also have to prepare for a workshop I need to teach at the end of the month in Bordeaux. I celebrated the 6th of January at home with my boyfriend, and am preparing for his birthday coming up very soon as well. Not to mention an extemporaneous 200km round-trip to pick up his new drivers license, online struggles with even more paperwork, and an ongoing battle with my phone.

So, um, Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a 2017 that I hope will shape up to be a better year than the previous one, and a valiant effort at getting back to regular posting. After a proper sleep, I think I’ll have my head on straight again and be able to get back to writing about all the things I wanted to write about during this time.

Here’s hoping.


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