Sometimes, You Just Need A Laugh

Can I lighten up the mood here for just one moment?

It has recently come to my attention that there is a comedian out there, called James Veitch, who has taken it upon himself to do what so many of us have always wanted to do and respond to scam emails, taking the conversation to hilarious places.

I have been laughing out loud at my computer for the last 10 minutes. I really needed that, and so now I’m sharing the love.


Interestingly, the email exchange in the video is completely different from the one that is repeated in the text below video where I found it posted, which is no less hilarious.

Need a good 10 minute chuckle? Watch the video, and/or read the post. He is not cruel to the scammers, he just wastes their time in a most ridiculous fashion.

If anything, I think the exchange in the post is even funnier than the one in the video, but that might be because I read it first and then watched the video afterwards. What about you? Which did you see/read first, and which one did you find the most funny?

Of course I had to turn this into a mini informal experiment didn’t I…


  1. hotshoe_ says

    Hiya, Crys,
    I don’t want to ruin your experiment but I watched the video and am not going to read the post, because I’m afraid the written word will fall flat without his marvelous comic timing and vocal emphasis to make the funny parts zing.

    Thanks for sharing this lighthearted video. You’re right, we all really need that.

  2. says

    I enjoy surrealism wherever I find it.

    A few years ago, I got some scammer to call a friend’s stalker ex-boyfriend on his cell phone, by telling him “call me immediately and use the code world ‘du shabag'” I got an email back from the scammer telling me I was not funny. I guess the ex-boyfriend didn’t appreciate it. Bummer.

    There are whole networks of people whose hobby it is to waste scammers’ time. Some of the things they have gotten scammers to do are pretty funny.

  3. hatty says

    I also read the post first, then watched the talk. I thought the story in the talk was funnier. I loved the ‘visual aid’!
    Thanks for posting, this was very funny.

  4. lorn says

    A couple decades ago there used to be a lot of telemarketing calls. I took to messing with the telemarketers. It is really simple. You first feign interest and then you wait it for them to ask a question, pretty much any question will do, after which you tell them you ‘don’t know the answer’ and to please hang on while you find out.

    It goes something like this:
    I pick up
    Hello,this is Acme siding company.
    Siding you say … I’ve been thinking about siding.
    Well, we only sell the best. To get things started, do you own your home?
    I don’t know, please hang on while I find out. I lay the phone down and shuffle papers.
    After ten minutes I pick up the phone and explain that my wife is coming and she will know. Then the phone goes down again.
    After another ten minutes I repeat the process with the next question.
    I’ve managed to keep callers on the line for well over an hour.
    Good times.

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